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Kuassa Studio Bundle
Flash Sale!
from $206. Buy now for only $75 

What is Kuasa Studio Bundle?

The perfect combination for shaping and preparing your tracks into a commercial-ready, quality tracks. Inside Kuassa Studio Bundle is three functional EQs modeled after legendary Equalizers to remove mud, rumbles, honk or any impurities, then sweeten it to give clear tracks that sit perfectly through the mix. For a final touch, Kratos 2 Maximizer will be a perfect tool to finalize the master, giving the desired commercial, transparent loudness to compete with all of the other music played on the radio, records store or streaming platforms.

These are the plug-ins inside Kuassa Studio Bundle:

Kratos 2 Maximizer: Our sleeper hit. Due to the unusually higher-priced (compared with our other product), the product isn’t too popular during the first release despite good reviews, pushing us to improve it to version 2 with additional mastering-friendly features like dithering and several more. Resulting Kratos 2 Maximizer as one of our all-time best selling plug-ins these years.

EVE-AT1: Modeled after the Neve* 1081 Equalizer. This award-winning equalizer is the best for its (somewhat) surgical properties to remove a track’s impurities while still sounds natural and pleasing to the ear.

EVE-AT4: Modeled after the Neve* 1084 Equalizer. The award-winning EVE-AT4 Equalizer is known for its smooth and musical character, making it a favorite when it comes to sweetening or adding character to a track.

EVE-MP5: Modeled after the Pultec* EQP Program Equalizer and Pultec* MEQ Mid-range Equalizer into a single plug-in. Yet another innovative move from Kuassa, making this equalizer a favorite among our users. This plug-in is also capable to replicate the famous low-end Pultec* trick which shapes the history of modern popular music.

Buy Kuassa Studio Bundle at $75

Deal valid until February, 14th, 2020.

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