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caleb82 wrote:

Just two last questions that keep me from hitting the BUY button. Wink

Can the preamps/cabinet sims etc. be deactivated, so one could use only the amps, the FX or the cab sim of AmpOne on its own? 

What is your update/upgrade policy? 
I’ve read in the FAQ that there is an upgrade price, what does that mean? How many updates would I be able to get before I had to pay for an upgrade? Is there a multi-version “upgrade span” like for example with REAPER, is there a period of time covered like with Waves’ WUP, is it version-wise so that V1 to V2 will cost already, or are there “lifetime free (version) upgrades” with the purchas like FL Studio has and the term “upgrade” refers to upgrading to AmpOne from some minor or “light” edition? 
I’d hate paying for something, and in two months time it’s outdated and I’d have to pay again to keep getting updates… I know that that’s the way it CAN go, but of course that would somewhat “limit my enthusiasm”. Smile

aradaz wrote:

Yes all units can be deactivated separately so you can only use the unit/s (fx, amps and cabinets) seperately. 

Upgrades means the Kuassa Amplifikation One will be replaced by a new version such as Kuassa Amplifikation TWO. An upgrade price is only use if you want to upgrade from Kuassa Amplifikation One to Kuassa Amplifikation TWO which will have a very significant improvements in term of features and overall value. The upgrade price will be significantly lower than a new purchase. 

About updates, at this time Kuassa Amplifikation ONE is reaching version 1.0.1 and there’s still lot of room for improvements until we release Kuassa Amplifikation TWO, for maybe a year or more after we released Amplifikation ONE last April. 

In fact at this time, my partners and I are still on progress to release Amplifikation One v.1.1.0 update maybe within this August. 

I hope this explain enough for you. 

If you still have more questions, please post it here, I’ll be glad to answer.