Synth Essential Bundle

PC & Mac – 64-bit – Standalone – VST – VST3 – Audio Unit – AAX – A360 Module

Crafting Iconic Synth Sounds with 9 Essential FXs

Kuassa Synth Essential Bundle, a groundbreaking collection meticulously curated for synthesizer players, sound designers, and electronic music producers. This bundle is a harmonious convergence of 9 essential FXs designed to empower creators in crafting iconic synth sounds across various genres.

The Synth Essential Bundle is a sonic arsenal designed to elevate your creative journey. Immerse yourself in the lush soundscapes of Juno-styled choruses, conjure pumping techno basslines, or infuse Daft-inspired star guitars into your compositions.

With a total value of $227, this bundle is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled sonic tools.

New A360 Presets Included

Explore new dimensions with carefully crafted presets included in the bundle:
  • Chicago to Berlin
  • June Chorus
  • Daft boost
  • Move ur ARP
  • Neon Arp
  • No Face
  • Retro Pad Pump
  • Ring Lab 1
  • Ring Phase
  • Rowdy
  • Shimmery Vibration
  • Tonal Ring
  • Twilight Drive
  • Wurl OD
  • and more soon..

Key Features

  • Essential FX Collection: Selection of 9 essential Efektor FXs suited for synthesizers. At a great value!
  • New A360 Presets:: Capture Juno-styled choruses, house organs, and pumping techno bass.
  • Two Newest Efektor Modulation Toos Included: New Ring Modulator and Vibracula for enhanced modulation.
  • Professional-Grade Pedal FX Emulations: Reverbs, Delays, Choruses, Phasers, Distortions, Tremolos, Pitch-Harmonizer, Ring Modulator and Vibrato.
  • Great Value: Total value $227, Intro Price $99 (Until Feb 18, 2024),
  • Elevate Your Synth Game: Spark creativity and redefine your sonic experience.

Here's What Included

Efektor DL3606 Delay

5 types of delay pedal effects software at your disposal:

  1. Digital: Clean and clear, with wide frequency range.
  2. Analog: Dark and mushy, inspired by the bucket brigade delay pedals
  3. Lo-Fi: Grainy and dirty, lower bitrate with reduced frequency range
  4. Tape: Simulated the warm and lush sound of vintage tape units
  5. Reverse: Repeats the signal backwards for ethereal and ambient effect

Efektor RV3604 Reverb

Five types of Reverb to enhance your recordings:

  • Room: Tight and fat roomy sound
  • Hall: Big and wide concert space
  • Plate: Simulated vibrating metal plate. Grainy and unique because the low frequency propagates slower than the high freq.
  • Spring: Simulating mechanical springs commonly found on guitar amps
  • Shimmer: Haunting and atmospheric reverb, created by pitch shifting the reverb tails

Efektor DS3603 Distortion

Five types of distortion:

• Lead Distortion: ringing mids for screaming leads
• Heavy Distortion: penetrates from mild to heavy
• Metal Distortion: dark and thick, the solid metal gear
• Classic Distortion: singing leads and rockin’ hard
• Pro Distortion: fat and sharp edge for your tone

Efektor CH3604 Chorus

Choose your favourite chorus sound from these three types:

  • Dimension Chorus: add thickness, 3 dimensional depth and width from true analog circuit modeling
  • Ensemble  Chorus: a true classic chorusing effect with great tone. soft, deep, and rich
  • Tribunal Chorus: big spectrum creates rich soundscapes in stereo. The sounds of multiple modulations combined together

Efektor PH3605 Phaser

Provides three types of sound:

  • Phase One: Mild phasing effect, great for clean tone. Less dramatic sweep
  • Dual  Phase: Warm and thick phasing sound that sounds great with distorted guitar tones Great for many instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals
  • Multi Phase: More intense effect . Offers more than a standard wobbling effect

Efektor TR3604 Tremolo

Classic modulation with greater control over tremolo speed and wave shape. Choose from three type of wave oscillations:

  • Sine wave
  • Square wave
  • Triangle/Sawtooth wave

Efektor Harmonitron

Pitch-Shifter/Harmonizer. Quad independent pitch shifting engines in a range from -24 to +24 semitones. Add depth and dimension to your soundscapes with the ability to add extra low-fatness and detune to thicken your riffs, rise different pitch notes to enrich your vocals, or use the swell (slow attack) feature to create an organ or synth-like tone with your guitar.

Efektor Ringmojo

Ring Modulator. Dive into uncharted soundscapes with Kuassa Efektor Ringmojo, a revolutionary ring modulator that transforms your audio into a symphony of metallic resonance, ethereal chimes, and experimental frequencies. Crafted for sonic explorers and avant-garde creators.

Efektor Vibracula

Pitch Vibrato Effect. Reimagining Classic Vibrato: Explore the soulful undulations of vibrato with Kuassa Efektor Vibracula. Elevate your performance with precise vibration, bringing timeless vibrato magic to your musical expressions.

Video Demos

System Requirements

Compatible with: win_small mac_small ub_small vst_small vst3_logo au_small x64_small aax_small protools-compatible Propellerhead-Rack-Extension


  • Windows 7 or Later (64 bit)
  • Core2 Duo, or AMD Phenom ii X4 or better (latest Intel i3, AMD Ryzen, or better is recommended) with 4GB minimum RAM
  • VST or VST3 compatible host/DAW
  • Pro Tools 11 or later for AAX format
  • Propellerhead Reason 10.1 or later for Rack Extension format


  • Mac OSX 10.11 or later (64 Bit).
  • Core2 Duo, or better (latest Intel i3 recommended) with 4GB minimum RAM
  • Native Apple Silicon Processors Compatible (M1 & M2)
  • VST, VST3, or Audio Units compatible host/DAW
  • Pro Tools 11 or later for AAX format
  • Propellerhead Reason 10.1 or later for Rack Extension format

Please note that this product is a plugin, a VST/VST3/AU/AAX compatible host/sequencer is needed to run this software


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