🎸 Calling all Amplifikation 360 and Reason Studio users! We’re excited to announce the release of 19 brand-new A360 presets & Reason Combinators for the dreamy, ethereal Shoegaze soundscapes. Try using those for guitars and synths and whatever instruments. 🎶

As part of our newly released Shoegaze Essentials Bundle (Plug-ins & Rack Extension) this is a tailor-made preset and combinators that’s destined to take your shoegaze compositions to otherworldly realms through layers of reverb-soaked guitars and dreamy atmospheres. Using all the plug-ins/A360 modules/Rack Extensions that all included in the Shoegaze Essential Bundle.

Whether you’re a guitar virtuoso or a music producer seeking fresh inspiration, these presets are your ticket to crafting more music, genre-defining sounds.

Dive in and let your creativity soar! Download links below: