About Us

Kuassa is a software development company specializing in digital guitar amplification and audio processing. We’re deeply passionate about music, and our goal is to provide great tools to aid the musician’s creative process. As musicians ourselves, we believe that raw tonal quality trumps all, including an overabundance of features that may or may not be useful and distract you from your primary objective: creating great music.

The name “Kuassa” is derived from the Indonesian word “kuasa”, which can be taken to mean power, might, master, or authority. The name reflects our belief that a thorough understanding of both the creative process and critical thought, as well as mastery of a diverse range of fields is essential to creating great musical tools, and by extension, great music.


PT Kuassa Teknika
Jl. Sukasenang V no.14
Bandung, 40124
+62-22-7214855 Work hours: Mon-Fri, 12.00-20.00 UTC/GMT +7
Business related and general inquiries: info@kuassa.com

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The Team


Arie Ardiansyah

Our Chairman and CTO, responsible for DSP algorithms, product development, R&D and “WIN or die” for Kuassa. He is guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for Bandung melodic punk outfit Disconnected. Creator of the Aradaz Amp free plug-ins.


Grahadea Kusuf

Our CEO, responsible for all business and administrative duties within Kuassa. Used to design GUIs singlehandedly, but nowadays one half of the design duo alongside Bez. He plays synths, composes, produces and occasionally DJ for Bandung’s electronic act HMGNC.


Adhitya Wibisana

Better known among friends and clients as Adhit Android.Our Sound Director, responsible for detailed product concepts, audio engineering, technical side wizardry, and support. Head engineer and producer for Infinitelabs Studio. Plays bass for the industrial rock band Helmproyek.


Rendy Bez

Our Creative Director, responsible for everything related to Kuassa’s visual aspect, namely corporate identity, visual communications, and UI design. He also design gameplay and graphic elements for Dreadout Game. Plays drums for Bandung indie pop band Olive Tree and Adhit’s Helmproyek.


Edwin Yudayana

Our IT Director, lead developer, responsible for back-end technology and roadmap development. A jazz guitarist, apparently fluent in the ways of heavy metal. He holds degrees in applied physics and computer engineering.


Cil Satriawan

(Formerly) our youngest member, responsible for reducing Arie’s programming load and occassional English editing. Aspiring producer, he sings, plays guitar, and writes songs for his Bandung indie rock band The Triangle.


Pratama Kusuma

Tamskick, as his friends calls him. Apart from composing music for Dreadout Game with Adhit, he do the GUI design for Kuassa. Other than his busy gigging schedules with Sigmun, and The SIGIT, his solo project is also worth checking out.


Bramantyo Ibrahim

Telecommunications engineering graduate, Studio Ghibli fanatic, DIY pedal FX warrior, and shoegazing guitarist. 90’s alternative rock band like Smashing Pumpkins, MBV, and Pavement are his major influences. Bram served at Kuassa as DSP programmer alongside Arie.


Rathomi Nugraha

Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter of Helmproyek, and recently builds interest into synths. Currently serving as a part-time Community Manager for us. Thomi inspired by wide variety of genre, from Gary Numan to 2ne1 (yes, that k-pop girlband). Check his soundcloud here


Dean Genial

Digital content manager professional and the mastermind behind Bandung’s electronica/darkwave/shoegazing band Slylab. He done a remix for the old electronic track by Disconnected back when Arie and Dea is still on the same band, and now helping to create and counsel digital marketing strategy for Kuassa.


Iqbal Ansyori

Formerly doing acoustic engineering stuff with his professor and doing internship at Kuassa back at 2013. Right after he finished his study at Bandung Institute of Technology’s Engineering Physics, he started working at Kuassa as a full-time employee. He is also part of student activity’s Minangkabau Local Arts at ITB.


Juan Prahamma

DIY pedal freak, linux freak, guitar shred freak, and a manga freak. Well known among his colleagues with his speed tapping and typing on both guitar fret and qwerty keyboards. He talks a lot about Dragon Ball with Arie on the midst of smoking time, and have a couple of hit single with his band; Leunca Atah such as “Pecel Lele” and “Bubur Ayam”.

Our Values

  • We prefer quality over quantity. In most cases, plugging into 100 amps, 80 FXs, and 90 cabinets won’t guarantee a great guitar track.
  • We’ve focused all of our attention where we think it matters most; tone.
  • We try to make everything as intuitive and streamlined as possible. We want you to be able to just forget the user manual (we’ve provided one though) and get straight to the playing.
  • Our (relatively) low price tag isn’t an indication of inferior quality (and vice versa). We’re just trying to be fair with our pricing.
  • Using guitar amp software means you are being eco-friendly. Less power consumption, less waste, and therefore reduced carbon footprint when compared to its hardware counterpart.