Amplifikation One

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Amplifikation One

Guitar Amp Simulator and Distortion Suite with Quad Impulse Loader.

Stop messing around with your gears, Get Productive! Amplifikation One is a package of 8 amps, 8 distortion, and a 4 independent IR loader to shape great tones immediately without any obstructive workflow or confusing parameters. 


PC & Mac – 32-bit & 64-bit – VST – Audio Unit compatible

Try for Free! No time & feature limit. Noise every 40 seconds until you purchase the license key

The ONE when it’s all Started

Aimed at tone-junkie, distortion purists and alike who believes that ”Tone” is the basis of a great track, the design couldn’t be more simpler. A noise-gate in the first chain, a selection of 5 overdrive/distortion pedal, one customizable amp, 7 additional amps, dual cabinet modeler and lastly, a limiter. The latest update of Amplifikation One gives user a collapsible interface for a more focused tweaking, and a 4-channel impulse response loader for loading external IRs, complete with hefty configurational options, enough for users to sculpt the tone further.

Until now, Kuassa Amplifikation One ‘s logic serves as a foundation for Kuassa’s newer amps, the familiar workflow chain of FX-Amp-Cab combo in a straightforward, single-screen package which is practical to aid every guitar recording process. 




5 Distortion Effects

Switch between two cabinet modes

Internal Cabinets VS Quad Impulse Loader

Internal Cabinet mode allow you to use two simultaneous included cabinets and microphone types, then tweak it to taste; adjust the mix balance, position the mic and find the miking’s sweetspot.

Quad impulse loader can load four of your own favorite cabinet IRs and adjust the routing, phase, and balance between the all four.

Audio Demos

Some happy users of Amplifikation One

"Your plugins are great. I've been using them on a bunch of films already."


Dieter Hartmann

Composer for Motion Picture, TV and Video Games

Their amp simulators are solid, sonically beautiful and incredibly ergonomic (at an insanely low price point!)— your tracks really need to have these plugins at their access. Don’t sell yourself short if you haven’t heard about Kuassa before this post. If you are serious about tone and want to add some new colours to your music, hit up and be truly impressed with their sonics
Joe, Los Alamos, US
Sounds amazing - Also uses less resources than G-Rig 5 and Amplitube! You should let people know about that!
Mikko, Tampere, FL
Keep your plugs dynamic and reactive
Axel, Singapore.
Most realistic amp software ever
Patrick. Des Moines, US.
Awesome amp, had demo for awhile, tried it, tried some other ones,came back to this and realized wasted time searching elsewhere. This is it!
Richard. Levittown, NY.
Very impressive VST tone I've been looking for!
Thank you for making great plugins affordable and very useful... Much appreciated
Kevin. California, US
Keep up the damn good work
Abram. Tangerang, Indonesia.
Eric, United States
Great sounding so far, now to give them the 'record an album' with them test.
Joe, US
at this price, I have to try it...  thx!
Patrick, US
could use delay and verb built in
Julien, France
Continue, it's great !
Ben, Canada
Love this plugin.
Lee, UK
Great Plug-ins, keep up the good work.
David, US
Great amps!!
#1 at The 11 best VST guitar amp/effect modelling plug-ins in the world today
Gérard, France
merci pour le site en français 😉
From freeware to commercial competitor, Kuassa gets off to a solid start with this custom amp sim.
Roy, United States
excellent product. cant wait for new emulation products and amps from you guys in the future. keep developing!
Tony, Sweden
Cant believe this plugin isn’t more known, it sounds amazing, one of the best simulated guitar sounds I ever heard.
Noritomo, Japan
Thank you for supporting old Mac(PowerPC).
Both Amplifikation One and Creme’s first presets/demos are made by Dimi
Paolo, Italy
Simply stunning!
when you first plugging your jack into your audio interface, you will soon play with a great sound without further tweaks….
Todd, United States
Awesome Product!!!
Daisuke, Japan
sounds great!
Branko, Australia
bluesy breaking up amp,
United States
Awesome. Kirke,
Ikhsan, Malaysia
Makasih kuponnya gan. :p

Try for Free! No time & feature limit. Noise every 40 seconds until you purchase the license key

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