Amplifikation One (Discontinued)

Amplifikation One

Guitar Amp Simulator and Distortion Suite with Quad Impulse Loader.

Stop messing around with your gears, Get Productive! Amplifikation One is a package of 8 amps, 8 distortion, and a 4 independent IR loader to shape great tones immediately without any obstructive workflow or confusing parameters. 

Note for Amplifikation One users: Due to older engine architecture, Amplifikation One modules aren’t available inside Amplifikation 360. For new users, Amplifikation One will be Discontinued soon. Please check our other amps with newer engine. 

The ONE when it’s all Started

Aimed at tone-junkie, distortion purists and alike who believes that ”Tone” is the basis of a great track, the design couldn’t be more simpler. A noise-gate in the first chain, a selection of 5 overdrive/distortion pedal, one customizable amp, 7 additional amps, dual cabinet modeler and lastly, a limiter. The latest update of Amplifikation One gives user a collapsible interface for a more focused tweaking, and a 4-channel impulse response loader for loading external IRs, complete with hefty configurational options, enough for users to sculpt the tone further.

Until now, Kuassa Amplifikation One ‘s logic serves as a foundation for Kuassa’s newer amps, the familiar workflow chain of FX-Amp-Cab combo in a straightforward, single-screen package which is practical to aid every guitar recording process. 




5 Distortion Effects

Switch between two cabinet modes

Internal Cabinets VS Quad Impulse Loader

Internal Cabinet mode allow you to use two simultaneous included cabinets and microphone types, then tweak it to taste; adjust the mix balance, position the mic and find the miking’s sweetspot.

Quad impulse loader can load four of your own favorite cabinet IRs and adjust the routing, phase, and balance between the all four.

Audio Demos

Some happy users of Amplifikation One

Standalone version for Amplifikation One + possibility to mix elements from One, Creme, Vermilion and Cerberus for those who own them all (eg: use fx and quad IR sections from One with the Creme or Cerberus amp – would be all the more useful for bass, on IR is too little sometimes).

— Guillaume, FR