Introducing Kuassa Efektor Echolyte, a 3-in-1 analog-inspired bucket brigade delay Plugin

Adding more into the Efektor series, Kuassa brings you Efektor Echolyte, an echo/delay plugin developed to infuse your tracks with the vintage warmth and character of classic BBD (bucket brigade delay) units, known for its hazy, dark, and warm repeats. Drawing inspiration from the analog circuits of yesteryears, Echolyte delivers an authentic experience, raising your tone to a realm where rich and organic echoes reign supreme.Kuassa Efektor Echolyte captures the essence from three most sought analog delay pedals, offering a distinct tone with smooth, musical repeats. From subtle, ethereal ambience to lush, cascading repeats, Kuassa Efektor Echolyte empowers you to sculpt your sound with precision and finesse.
Key Features:
  • Three models of bucket brigade echo/delay, each with its unique character and tone.
  • Sync to BPM
  • Resizable window
  • User friendly interface: Straightforward single screen GUI.
  • Available as an Amplifikation 360 module
Pricing Information: Efektor Echolyte is available at the introductory price of $15 (normal price $29) from June 12th to July 12th, 2024. Take advantage of this limited-time offer via the Kuassa website and selected Kuassa resellers.
The plugin is available in VST/VST3/AU/AAX formats and as an A360 module.