Etza Meisyara, 'Rhythm of Tragedy', 2020, live performance on the occasion of 'Locus Pocus', Basment 90's Kitchen Bar, Bandung, Indonesia. Image courtesy of Convert Textured.

Etza Meisyara, ‘Rhythm of Tragedy’, 2020, live performance on the occasion of ‘Locus Pocus’, Basment 90’s Kitchen Bar, Bandung, Indonesia. Image courtesy of Convert Textured.

Etza Meisyara’s use of Amplifikation 360, coupled with her unique approach of employing a violin bow on an electric guitar, offers a gateway to dream-like musical expression. Her commitment to fusing art, technology, and humanist values resonates as an inspiring exploration in the realm of Shoegaze music, and art.

Color and Sound in Etza Meisyara’s Performance – Magazine – Goethe-Institut Indonesia –

About Etza Meisyara
Etza Meisyara, a multi-talented musician and intermedia artist hailing from Bandung, Indonesia, delves into the ethereal world of Shoegaze music. Her artistry fuses a deep love for sound with humanist values, and her recent exploration into using Kuassa Amplifikation 360 for Shoegaze music, particularly employing a violin bow on an electric guitar, unveils a world of sonic possibilities.An intertwining Musical & Intermedia Arts Journey

Born in 1991, Etza Meisyara has cultivated a profound connection with the arts from an early age. While initially drawn to fine arts, her journey into the realm of music was a constant companion. She honed her musical skills, composing and performing both as a guitarist and vocalist, contributing to commercials and independent short films. Her solo performances in Bandung’s diverse music landscape showcased her versatility as a composer and artist.

Composer of Sound Artist
Meisyara’s self-identification as a “Composer of Sound Artist” underscores her dedication to intertwining music and art. Her creations serve as a canvas where technology, humanist concepts, and sound converge. Each piece resonates with a contemplative essence, seeking to capture the essence of the modern world and its ongoing narrative in the ‘new normal.’

Amplifikation 360: Shoegaze Tips and Tricks using Violin Bow
In a revealing video, Meisyara shares three distinctive tips and tricks for utilizing Amplifikation 360 in crafting her Shoegaze sound, employing a violin bow on an electric guitar. Her insights unlock an array of sonic possibilities, offering a unique perspective to aspiring musicians and producers:

  1. Dreamy Vocals with Reverberations: Meisyara emphasizes the power of layering vocals and infusing them with reverberations to create a fuller, atmospheric effect. This enriches the sonic landscape.
  2. Embracing Ethereal Reverbs and Effects: Adding an ethereal plate reverb, digital delay, and a stereo panner to the melody enhances the musicality, introducing an otherworldly dimension to the composition.
  3. Fuzzy Sustained Effects with a Violin Bow: Meisyara shares her secret of employing a fuzz effect and strumming the guitar with a violin bow. This technique adds sustained, haunting effects.
Watch the Video
To witness Meisyara’s creative process firsthand, the embedded video below captures the magic as she implements these techniques, transforming simple musical elements into a mesmerizing Shoegaze masterpiece. Leave your thoughts, comments, and questions in the post. We value your feedback!


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