Amplifikation 360 Preset Pack #2 – As shown in the “Synth Essential Bundle” Videos Demos! 24 Presets by our Product Specialist; Dimitar Nalbantov 

Consider this Preset Pack as the missing link between your synthesizer and the Synth Essential Bundle. Each preset is a carefully crafted building block, designed to seamlessly integrate with the effects from the Synth Essential Bundle, satisfyingly transform a raw monophonic or polyphonic oscillators from your favorite synths, either a VST synth instrument or a modular synths.
As showcased in the video demos of the “Synth Essential Bundle,” these 24 presets, crafted by our product specialist Dimitar Nalbantov, are now available for free download, allowing you to infuse your music with the same captivating tones you heard in the demos.
Dimitar has designed 24 presets that showcase the full potential of the Amplifikation 360. From 80s gated drums to distorted TB303 basslines and lush poly-synths. These presets serve as an additional resource to help you explore the potential of the Amplifikation 360 without any cost.

How to Get Your Preset Pack:
Visit our website [Link to Download Page] to grab your free Amplifikation 360 Synth Companion Preset Pack and navigate at the bottom to “Utilities & Presets“.

Amplifikation 360 Synth Companion Preset Pack is a free download. Link to the Download Page

Presets for Amplifikation 360 are located in the following folders:
  • Mac/Users/[USERNAME]/Music/Kuassa/Presets/Amplifikation360/Main
  • Win: C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Kuassa\Presets\Amplifikation360\Main
*All presets inside these folders will be recognized by the plugin as individual presets, you can also create a folder to group the preset(s). They will thus be shown on the Amplifikation 360’s preset selector.

Here’s the Video Demos: