January 2009. The first of our years, the conception and ideation of a new venture called Kuassa. Amplifikation Lite and One marks our first step in the amp simulator and guitar effects software industry.


Released in October 2009. The Free Guitar Amp plugin based on Amplifikation One’s Custom Amp with fixed Tonestack and Power-Amp.

Lite-SlideAmplifikation Lite quickly garnered a lot of attention from magazines and blogs as one of the best free amp simulator to date. Praised for it’s no-nonsense workflow and superb-versatile sound, the later added IR loader and Mac AU, 64-bit support for broader audience give Amplifikation Lite an firm position among the guitarist and audio engineer community as one of the best free amp simulator untl now.


The ONE when it’s all Started

In early 2011, Computer Music Magazine cited Amplifikation One, our first amp simulator and guitar effects software as a solid start to kick-off Kuassa career in style to the music software industry. A true statement indeed. 

Amplifikation One Release 2010

Amplifikation One Release 2010 on our first website theme.

First developed in February 2009, after more than a year-long development we released Amplifikation One amp simulator V.1.0.0 in April 2010. We started as a team of 3 personnel with an addition of a designer friend Rendy Bez which until now helped us as a creative director. 

Aimed at tone-junkie, distortion purists and alike who believes that ”Tone” is the basis of a great track, the amp simulator design couldn’t be more simpler. A noise-gate in the first chain, a selection of 5 overdrive/distortion guitar effects software, one customizable amp simulator, 7 additional amps, dual cabinet modeler (still proud that Aradaz’s Our Cabinet Simulator and Amplifikation One are the first who implemented this logic), and lastly, a limiter. 

AMP proto 4

Amplifikation One prototype 2010

The latest update of Amplifikation One gives user a collapsible interface for a more focused tweaking, and a 4-channel impulse response loader for loading external IRs, complete with hefty configurational options, enough for users to sculpt the tone further.

Until now, Kuassa Amplifikation One amp simulator have sold thousands and been downloaded for hundred of thousands, and serves as a foundation of Kuassa’s newer amps, the familiar workflow chain of FX-Amp-Cab combo in a straightforward, single-screen package which is practical to aid every guitar recording process. 

As you can see from the image on the left. Amplifikation One as our first amp simulator and guitar effects software product have many improvements both on the UI and features until the very recent version. Although sometimes shadowed by our other amps simulator products like Creme, Vermilion, and Cerberus. It’s still marks our first step in the industry.

With this, we humbly gives many thanks and respect for both Amplifikation One and Lite owners, and many other users ou there who supports us until now.

We’ll see what’s our next steps will be.