Amplifikation VVV have some unique sound and characteristics different with other Modern/High-Gain Amps on Kuassa’s line-up like Amplifikation Clarent, Amplifikation Creme, or Amplifikation Rectifor. So, Is Amplifikation VVV the right amp for you? Answering that, You should first consider the genre of music you want to play. For heavy genres, a high gain amp like this is a great choice. Do you want to be able to produce the legendary “brown sound” ? Or even better, if you are into the more aggressive styles – like metal, heavy metal, death metal or the modern styles like the Djent.

Therefore, I think it is safe to say that the Kuassa VVV Amp Simulator is a good option for those of you who are looking for the right heavy and tight sounding amp sim. Designed for use in music production, recording applications or playing live, Amplifikation VVV Amp Simulator generates a full-bodied, hot, and tight sound that is perfect for modern music production and recording. With its intuitive user interface, you can easily adjust parameters such as gain, volume, and EQ to find the exact sound you’re looking for. The Amplifikation VVV Amp Simulator also has a wide range of cabinet and microphone options to choose from, giving you the flexibility to create your own custom sound. The cabinet is in front of you in a 3D environment, which provides the same real life experience. You can move the mics freely and tweak the tone to the fine details.


What is the Sound Characteristics of Amplifikation VVV?

One unique traits of Amplifikation VVV; you can get great results for every heavy genre, both vintage and modern. The amp has the aggressive tone for which the 5XXX series is known. However, it’s more crunchy and focused sounding compared the original 5XXX. It can fit both vintage tone lovers and serve perfectly modern metal players. Each Amp Types: A, B, and C is like switching through eras, from Mark I to Mark III, consisting various renditions of the 5XXX amps:

Type A, Mark I: Beautiful and rich clean channel. Tight Lead Channel with 80s flavor. Type B, Mark II: Thick and full midrange with tight low end that delivers the famous brown sound. Type C: Mark III: Deep and aggressive with monstrous gain that will please all metalheads.

For those who prefer vintage high tones, Amplifikation VVV’s red channel offers some of the sought-after older metal tones, even though the sound is not as chaotic and aggressive as those found in vintage 5XXX models. On the other hand, modern metal players typically gravitate towards tighter tones, focusing more on syncopated rhythm patterns than on all-out power chords. Interestingly, the blue channel of Amplifikation VVV delivers less low end than one might expect from a 5XXX, instead emphasizing more on the cutting-through-mix, mid-range. This characteristic is not necessarily a disadvantage as sound engineers often reduce the low end of the guitar during live performances or recording sessions


Tonal Controls: EQ

Amplifikation VVV also has some unique tonal controls. The three-band EQ is simple yet effective. Added to that are the classic “presence” and “resonance” controls that help you deal with the high and low end of the tone. The Resonance control helps adjust the overall bass response of the amplifier, while the Presence control adjusts the overall treble response of the power section of the amplifier.

The Resonance and Presence controls on amplifiers often confuse many users about their specific functions. However, these controls offer a way to fine-tune your tone beyond the EQ section of the preamp stage, which typically consists of bass, middle and treble controls. The Resonance and Presence controls are situated in the power amp section and are responsible for adjusting the bass and treble response of the power section. This adjustment has an impact on the feel of specific frequency bands. After doing the initial treble, mid, and low settings, you can fine-tune the overall shape of the tone with those two knobs: “presence” and “resonance”.

By combining the Resonance and Presence controls with other features on Amplifikation VVV Amp Sims, users can customize their tones to achieve their desired sound.


What is the Kuassa VVV Amp Simulator?

The VVV Amp Sim is a software amp simulator that can be loaded into your digital audio workstation with just a few clicks and is prepared to provide you with the most intense guitar tone you’re after.

It’s our own rendition of the famous amp – the signature amplifier of the legendary Van Halen. Since its debut in the early 1990s, the 5XXX series amplifier has established itself as an essential component of the hard rock and metal guitar scene. Because of its powerful tone and aggressive distortion, many of the top guitarists and recording studios in the world have made it their go-to amp. The first model, which was handcrafted in the US, featured the instantly identifiable “block letter” logo, and in the present day it is a highly sought-after guitar amplifier.

Since then, there have been various reissues and modern improvements for the amp, with new models targeted towards guitarists who prefer a more focused low end, more modern tone and enormous gain. Every album has it, including those by Machine Head*, Opeth*, Testament*, Trivium*, Gojira*, and so on. The list is endless!

Features and Benefits

Amplifikation VVV’s Key Features:

  • 3 channels: Red, Green and Blue
  • 3 Amp Types:
    • Type A, Mark I: Beautiful and rich clean channel, ideal for dreamy ballads or softer passage. Works great with PAF type pickups. Crazy good crunch channel and tight lead channel with 80s flavor.
    • Type B, Mark II: Thick and full midrange with tight low end that delivers the famous brown sound. Great for crunchy and dynamic rhythm tones. 70’s British tones are the first sound that comes to mind.
    • Type C, Mark III: Deep and aggressive with monstrous gain that will please all metalheads. On maximum gain, some will say that it’s out of control. A must for modern productions.
    • Sag and Bias feature on the power amp section.
    • Low pass and high pass filters.
    • Five types of cabinets with impulse responses taken from genuine Peavey* cabinets.
    • Nine types of workhorse mics: Shure SM57*, Sennheiser MD421*, Sennheiser MD441*, Shure KSM 353*, Royer 121*, AKG C414*, Neumann TLM103*, Sennheiser E609*, and Beyerdynamic M 201*.
    • Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter
    • Supports up to 8x Oversampling.

The benefits:

  • Straight forward
  • Production ready preset
  • Hassle free interface
  • 3D Microfone moving in the space interface
  • 3rd generation tube engine by Kuassa engineers.
  • Using the Kuassa VVV Amp Simulator is easy because the interface is intuitive and versatile. With the software, you are able to customize your sound in a multitude of ways without having to click through endless menus or hidden panels to find what you are looking for.
  • The single window layout is perfectly organized. In terms of the user interface and GUI itself, they are straight and ergonomically designed, so that you feel as if you are using an actual guitar amplifier sitting in front of you.
  • I think everyone wants to have a 3D microphone positioning interface in their virtual studio environment because it is what they are looking for.



High-Quality Sounds: The Kuassa VVV Amp Simulator provides users with high quality presets. All the presets are professionally tweaked and ready to fit in your mixes

Compatible with a Variety of Audio Software: The Kuassa VVV Amp Simulator is compatible with all major DAW softwares, which makes it easy to integrate into your existing setup.


Who is the Kuassa VVV Amp Simulator Best Suited For?

The Amplifikation VVV Amp Sim is a fantastic option for artists seeking an amp simulator that is simple to use and produces high-quality results without requiring hours of frustrating tuning. It is perfect for individuals who want to produce a wide range of heavy tones, but don’t forget about the brown sound and the vintage tones from the early 80s. In fact, it’s an amplifier that would go with any style, but you need to dig deeper in the 3 channels. Don’t limit yourself to the 3rd channel only! The green and blue channels are fantastic.



The VVV Amp simulator is an amp without compromise. It’s tight, it’s heavy. It’s a monster of an amplifier. The gain is over the top and could last for days. Sometimes it is challenging to control. But that is the job of the guitar player. In conclusion, Amplifikation VVV is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-gain amp with unique sound and characteristics. With its three distinct channels and unique tonal controls, Amplifikation VVV is a versatile amp that can fit any heavy genre, both vintage and modern.

Get started and download the demo version and decide for yourself!