Coming Soon!

Discover the tones that you’ve never heard before!

Kuassa will release “Kuassa Amplifikation” in a short time. Kuassa Amplifikation is a full version of Kuassa Amplifikation Lite with packed new amps with unique sound signatures originally made by Kuassa, inc. with different parameters to get ‘that’ tone you desired. All with intuitive and straightforward interface for immediate productivity.

The Tone is in your hand!

Kuassa Amplifikation will suit your needs to make ear-shredding tracks with a simple workflow, exceptional sonic quality, and tons of tonal possibilities. It features 7 original guitar amp designs, 5 dual-cabinet simulator, 5 microphone modelling, 3 tube characteristics with integrated limiter, noise-gate, and distortion / overdrive stompboxes.

Kuassa Amplifikation One will be released soon within a short time. Please bookmark us, subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow our twitter to get the recent news about our products.