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January 31st, 2018. Bandung, Indonesia – A revolutionary acoustic guitars with a forward thinking design aesthetics join forces with Kuassa.

Kuassa is proud to announce their join venture with Anymo Essential Guitar’s luthier and founder: Raka Shiddiq to introduce the newest production batches of Anymo Essential Guitars to the market. Formerly known as a luthier and founder of Impera custom guitars hailed from Bandung, Indonesia. Anymo Essential Guitars is an original re-imagination of acoustic guitars, bridging a missing link between wooden acoustic feel, to a silent guitar design.

With their original design, Anymo interpret 3 pillars of idealism to the design philosophy: forward thinking aesthetics, authentic wooden tonality, and equivalent playability with traditional acoustic guitar design, very much alike with missions and philosophies of Kuassa; unrivaled tonal quality with high emphasis on design aesthetics.

With these philosophies, Anymo is aiming to meet the highest standard of craftsmanship and strive to perfection, including the very first of the fabrication process: selecting the finest of homegrown Indonesian woods which known for their unrivaled timbre and tonal characteristics.

With the welcoming of Anymo Guitar Essentials’ talents with Kuassa team, this will mark Kuassa’s expansion into the realm of acoustic guitar. Anymo will also have the equal access to Kuassa’s R&D team, and DSP expertise to anticipate the future necessities of digital powered acoustic instruments.

Anymo Essential Guitar is an electro-acoustic guitar with the thinnest body in the world, only measuring 8mm in thickness. Despite its thin body, Anymo can retain it’s wooden acoustic properties and loudness even without plugged into an amp. These are made possible by implementing our SORA System™ Microchamber design inside the body. A neckthrough design also gives a longer sustain, and the inclusion of an undersaddle piezo system is perfect a simple plug-and-play action to an acoustic guitar amp or PA. This design is perfect for musicians who needs portability and mobility, with a lesser risk to stage feedback due to the closed resonance microchamber which eliminates unnecessary low rumbles.

On it’s introductory prototype phase last year, Anymo has received “The Most Marketable Product” award at the Business of Design Week, Hongkong. In addition, Anymo had receives rave responses from attendees of numerous prestigious exhibitions, e.g. Casa Bravacasa Jakarta, Salone Del Mobile Milano, and South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festival 2017 at Austin, Texas.

At the first glance, Anymo resemble a traditional acoustic guitar, but deceptively thin after a closer inspection. The design of Anymo is a result of a fusion between familiar look and the solid “feel” of an exceptional piece of instrument which blurs the boundaries between timeless and modern.

At the time this article is written, Anymo Essential Guitar is still a handmade production with only a small quantity of guitar can be sold each month, unfortunately, still not available for customers outside of Indonesia. We are trying our best to improving the finished quality of our products parallel with the scale and reach of the production, so please be patient, we’ll announce here and on our website/social channels as soon as it’s available to be ordered for global customers.

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About Anymo’s Founder

Founded by Raka Shiddiq, before founding Anymo, Raka is a self-taught luthier from Bandung learning guitar craftmanship since 2001 as his main passion. After his meeting with the first Indonesian Luthier; Ki Anong Naini, the meeting has leading into a deep discussion which strengthen his knowledge about traditional guitar design principles, besides further determination to explore guitar-making as a progressive musical instruments that can be an original Indonesian design by its own right, not only as mere replication of an established western design, without neglecting the essence of guitar design and its long history. The name “Anymo” is taken as something that bring visual interest, even before it played as an instrument.

Before founding Anymo, Raka previously known with IMP Guitarworks and Impera Guitar Co. which founded in 2007 serving both electric and acoustic guitar custom orders. But as a luthier, his vision never perished on every guitars he made; focusing everything to a progressive design thinking, and bring it to a foremost global standard.

About Kuassa

Kuassa is a software development company specializing in digital guitar amplification and audio processing. We’re deeply passionate about music, and our goal is to provide great tools to aid the musician’s creative process. As musicians ourselves, we believe that raw tonal quality trumps all, including an overabundance of features that may or may not be useful and distract you from your primary objective: creating great music.

The name “Kuassa” is derived from the Indonesian word “kuasa”, which can be taken to mean power, might, master, or authority. The name reflects our belief that a thorough understanding of both the creative process and critical thought, as well as mastery of a diverse range of fields is essential to creating great musical tools, and by extension, great music.