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About Ludovico Reale:

Ludovico Reale (born March 2, 1984) is an Italian composer and musician born in Teramo, Italy.



In the last days of summer of 2001, thanks to his friend, he began to play guitar. After an only lesson given by a guitar trainer, he decided to make all alone. He began studying Rock guitarists and he also took a great interest in amplification, sound and computer music.

In 2006 Ludovico Reale lives in London and works as session-guitarist and promotes his music in London’s music clubs and pubs.

Between 2008 and 2011 he works for several musical companies promoting products, collaborating online with acquaintances artists of Europe, USA and Asia as Billy SheehanStu HammAlex MasiBing FutchJorge SantanaBrad WhitfordCarlos SantanaNeil Zaza,and many others.

Now, Ludovico is employed at the production of his first CD,waited for the summer of 2012.


  • Improvvisazioni (2005) Demo



  • Fender Classic 50’s (With Di Marzio Pickups and Gotoh Bridge)
  • Liuteria 69 L.R N.23 Guitar (With Seymour Duncan Pickups)
  • Alien Pedalboard with : L.R Booster,Boss CS3,Boss Ch1,Boss PH3,Digitech Whammy,Vox Time Machine Delay.
  • V-Picks Ludovico Reale
  • Ernie Ball 0.11 Strings
  • Viper Cables
  • D’Addario Guitar Strap
  • Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
  • Kuassa Amplifikation One and Creme

Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludovico_Reale
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