New song from Singapore’s homegrown ambient/post-metal project Navire Creux. Along with the finished song, he also shared the preset he’s using. A combination of Amplifikation One’s head amp, routed to Amplifikation Creme for the cabs, and EQ’ed with EVE-AT1.

“This is one of the most satisfying tones” he said.

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Skelter Amp One+Creme Preset

We received this e-mail from our long time user Scott Chesworth. This is what he said:

“I finished mixing an album fairly recently and it just occurred to me that this is the first project I’ve worked on where every electric guitar touched a Kuassa amp sim at some point, so I thought I’d send a link along for you to have a listen to how your plugs are being used out in the wild. The setup for this album was one guy writing/playing/singing everything, recording himself at home with GarageBand (good instruments, but shitty recording gear, and he was pretty much learning to use stuff as he went along), then sending me clean DI guitars and a ton of takes of everything else to put the best stuff together and mix it into shape.”

Anova  Skyward’s Soundcloud

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The latter comes from the industrial/metal/soundtrack duo The Boris Karloff Syndrome. Consisted of former guitarist of Switzerland’s Celtic Frost and Coroner; Oliver Amberg and vocalist Natalie Pereira Dos Santos (ex-Envinya). Oliver programmed and produced this epic piece singlehandedly with many guitar amp sims on all of the guitar tracks. Here’s what he says about Kuassa:

“The whole album is – with a few exceptions – produced in the box. Creme gives me a really great sound that cuts through the soundwalls. It’s easy to use and very stable. The setting possibilities are great.

KUASSA is now a part of my recording chain. Really love your amp!

Oliver’s Soundcloud

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