Kratos Maximizer

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Fantastic on drums, groups, or an entire mix! There are plenty of plugins that increase loudness but the Kratos is in a class of its own! Kratos helps me get things loud while retaining clarity, punch, and dynamics without the artifacts that come with most other limiting plugins.

Nick Mack

Grammy Nominated, RIAA Certified Platinum Engineer for Post Malone and Macklemore.

Antonio. Pascoe Vale South, Australia
You guys are great, love the products
We love Kuassa plugins, especially the great Kratos Maximizer. it help us to polishing the sound more efficiently.
monkey melody logo
Gradie, Asheboro, US

love this plugin

Akira, London, GB


We find all the Kuassa plugins to be of the highest quality and with great usability. The Kratos Maximizer is now part of our mixing template as we really like the ooomph it gives to the mix as a whole. We're especially fond of the texture knob - not that we really know exactly what it does - which we feel adds a cool grittiness to the digital shine.
dropoutorchestra RA
I wasn't aware of your company. I'm looking forward to hearing it. Maybe get David Pensado to review it...
Dean, California, US.
Your plugins are great. I've been using them on a bunch of films already.


Dieter Hartmann

Composer for Motion Picture, TV and Video Games

“The plugins from Kuassa obviously helped a lot, VERY VERY VERY MUCH. The EVE AT-1 made tone-shaping effortless, always works when anything needs to be EQ-ed. Other than that, the amp sims (Vermilion, Creme, and Cerberus) simplified the process of recording guitars and bass. Its user friendly interface gives me an easier space to explore sound, especially when looking for something meticulous. Yes, I’m also using Kratos Maximizer to master the album.”

Lafa Pratomo 

Lafa Pratomo from Danilla Musik using Kuassa

Photo by @anandasurio

Brendan. Sydney, Australia.
Looks and sounds great!
Kuassa is like a friend who (comes) when we are flat broke. He comes to help us in a practical, cost-saving way out. It has a lot of influence on realizing the sound that I want on the album:
I use Kratos maximizer and the AT series EQs on every mastering project. The EQs are sweet and musical. Its oversampling is so good, the result sounds pristine. Matchlock does the job perfectly, especially about its multi-mic blending on the cab sim.

Wisnu Ikhsantama

Tama. Producer, engineer of Hindia, Sun Eater.                    
Genuine plugin, made in Indonesia. Whenever I use it, there is a kind of proud feeling and a sense of pride. Hopefully, it can be such a trigger for others to make more cool and useful plugins. If (a piece of software/plugin) were not qualified enough by my standard, I wouldn't be using it at all. Kuassa makes great plugins; it offers tone variations when it comes to music production. That's pretty much from me, love you all. (kiss).
In this situation (Pandemic time), we can't go outside for studio recording, which has forced us to maximize our recording process at home. In this digital age, finding suitable guitar and bass sounds (in the box) is no longer as difficult as before. Kuassa Amp is our answer. The sound we want for our next album is available there.
Made easy. Undeniably proud as an Indonesian. (Kuassa plugins) accompany all the tracks on my soon to be released EP
On several projects that needed a unique distortion character such as in Fuzzy, I, and Polyester Embassy, I usually blend layers of the real amplifier and Kuassa amps. The result is unlimited tone possibilities. Even on pop music (projects) like Nadin Amizah and Munthe, where clarity and quality are needed more, Kuassa can provide that necessity. Especially for bass needs, Cerberus Bass Amp is my ultimate front end for any combinations. Fabulous!
I used Cerberus Bass Amp for every song on Satu per Empat’s latest album “Pasca Falasi”. It’s extremely useful when you don’t have access to real amps and I really love the result! I always use Kuassa’s amp sims when starting to produce a song. Other than that, I also use Kratos 2 Maximizer to master some videos for Sounds From The Corner.
Kuassa Amplifikation has helped me find the guitar tone I want, and the VST provides all the answers for your guitar and bass tones! My favorite amps are the Creme Amp and Matchbox Amp.
Computer Music 173

“Certainly a worthy rival to more expensive plug-ins”

Ben, Indonesia
Cinta Produk Indonesia.
Adam, US
Loving your plugins!!!
Garry, US
Great plugins!
ultimatemetal.com thread
Douglas, United States
I’m loving the flexibility of this limiter
William, United States
great work and keep those plugins coming.
Kratos Maximizer is a transparent, mastering grade look-ahead brickwall limiter and loudness maximizer. Put it on your master channel to give that loud, commercial quality release out of your mix without squashing effect and artifacts. Kratos Maximizer offers easy control over the loudness level via the main Maximize knob while can also go deeper for more demanding users, giving a control over Texture, Release, Knee, and Ceiling for greater loudness while retaining your mixes original color and dynamics.

Gear Slutz

John, Netherlands
nice plugs, great price!
Adam, United States
I wanted a better Maximizer than ******* ********, ******* *****/*****/******, and other options that I had so I looked at KVR Audio and discovered this one. I like it better.
Scott, United States
Great plugins you guys develop, keep up the great work.
Don, Manassas, US
Extend the sale so I can buy MORE
Jimmy, Van Nuys, US
LOVE the free plug and vermillion demo--keep up the great work!
Alex, Leiden, Netherlands
Great amp, great price, thanks!
Cyrill, Olten, CH
Keep it up!
John, Reston, US
Limiter sounds really nice
My favorite from Kuassa is probably the Kratos Maximizer. I love the character and color it gives to any of my sound. It's good to saturate and phatten up drums. It adds bites to my lead synth. And give that warm analog feel to my master bus. It's like the Swiss army knife of saturation. And it's a decent limiter too at the same time.
Handy controls of Kratos Maximizer quickly become my choice when it comes to polishing a newly produced track.

Compatible with: vista_logomacuniversal logo64bitVSTLogoAlphalogo_audiounits

Updated to Ver. 2

Kratos Maximizer is a transparent, mastering grade look-ahead brickwall limiter and loudness maximizer. Insert it into your mastering bus channel to produce that loud, commercial quality sound out of your mix without the squashing effect and artifacts. The Kratos Maximizer provides simple, precise control over the loudness level via the main Maximize knob. It also offers the features necessary for more in-depth use; giving control over Texture, Release, Knee, and Ceiling, allowing for increased loudness without compromising the original color and dynamics of your mix.

“Kratos Maximizer: Pristine Perfection at Full Power!”


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Later (32/64-bit)
  • Mac OS 10.5 or later (32/64-bit)
  • VST or AU compatible Host Software

Please note that this product is a plugin, a VST/AU compatible host/sequencer is needed to run this software


  • 5 available parameters: Maximize, Texture, Release, Knee, and Ceiling.
  • Preset Management with 12 preset slot.
  • Mono and Stereo applicable.
  • Supports sample rates of up to 96000Hz.
  • Compact and straightforward user interface.



Test it on your machine before you decide to purchase!

The evaluation/demo/unregistered mode of Kratos Maximizer is free to download and fully functional with NO time/feature limitations. The only difference is that the evaluation mode will emit an audible burst of white noise every 40 seconds.
We want you to have full access to the software’s features and have enough time to play with the software before deciding to make a purchase.

This software comes with a package installer available for Mac and Windows. It only takes seconds to download and install.



  • Secure and fast payment, 24/7 instant license delivery after purchase.

  • We will send you a payment receipt and license key to your e-mail automatically generated by our system.

  • Our copy protection is a hassle-free method using a License File containing your personal information, which can be used to activate the software installed on all machines you own.

  • NO USB-Dongle needed
  • NO Challenge-Response needed

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