Propellerhead Software (Now Reason Studio) just released the new version 11 of their sweet Reason DAW. Offering many new great features and an unexpected twist on it’s story: ability to load Reason as a plugin inside other DAW.

Reason has always been an alternative (or even primary) DAW for many users who put workflow fluidity above everything else. Founded circa 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. The first version of Reason has released since year 2000 and matured as a closedly integrated professional music making apps without opening the software from outside plugins as opposed with many other DAWs. Reason itself have been praised with a great user experience, fluid workflow felt with a fewer mouse clicks when user wishes to direct their attention to either a Reason device to the sequencer view, and their ability to flip back the interface giving a massive routing options between devices like the logic for many modular synth-heads out there.

With Rebirth-338 as their start. Reason continues to mature with ability to record and edit audio files, their own take of VST plugin; Rack Extension (a.k.a. 3rd party device support), then supporting VST plugins to be used inside Reason, giving Reason users new possibilities to increase Reason’s presence as their main DAW.

The fresh Version 11 is now offering an unparalleled workflow with other DAWs with the ability to load Reason as a VST plugin (!!!) inside other DAW, giving users access to Reason’s vast library of Rack Extensions; including our personal favorites like their SSL modeled Master Bus Compressor, Reason’s take on Yamaha DX7: PX7, and their old but good Matrix Patter Sequencer, plus a huge database of 3rd party Rack Extension devices (check our 5-star user rated Kuassa Rack Extensions).

To me, having the Buchla-inspired Complex-1 modular, the step sequencer and quad note generator, Drum Sequencer, and Parsec are enough for me to recommend Suite to enthusiast producers. Those are already to me the main reason to fire up Reason these days. – Peter Kirn. CreateDigitalMusic 

This is big news for all of you who own both versions of our product: VST plugins (along with Audio Unit, VST3 or AAX) and Rack Extension. Giving you total freedom of workflow among those two. In addition, do you know that you can convert presets between Kuassa plug-ins to Kuassa Rack Extensions? If not, give it a try under [Utilities] section:

The price for Reason 11 is as follows:

  • Reason Intro ($99)
  • Reason ($399)
  • Reason Suite ($599)
  • Upgrade to Reason 11 ($129)
  • Upgrade to Reason Suite ($249)

For further reading, Reason 11 review by MusicRadar, complete list of updated features, and note from Reason’s product manager; Mattias Häggström Gerdt