Kuassa is a software development company specializing in digital guitar amplification and audio processing. We’re deeply passionate about music, and our goal is to provide great tools to aid the musician’s creative process. As musicians ourselves, we believe that raw tonal quality trumps all, including an overabundance of features that may or may not be useful and distract you from your primary objective: creating great music.

We created the Amplifikation Series of guitar amplifikation plugins, Free basiQ Equalizer, EVE-AT Series Classic British Equalizers, and Kratos Maximizer. We’ve been stalking the youtube for information about our products, we encounter many videos and very grateful to know that our plugins have helped many users across the globe to create great, sophisticated music. Check these youtube videos to see what they’ve made using kuassa:

Browse our productsOur Products is a VST / AU / RE effect plugins compatible with most music production softwares.

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