Today, everyone can choose their sound to their tone preference, but let’s think about how this became possible. If we dig back in time we will find that the first amplifiers didn’t even look like today’s in any way. Even more interesting – they were made to amplify the sound on the radio and were so expensive that they weren’t made for home use. Imagine that- they were created even before the electric guitars. But the necessity of providing more volume amplification and unreliability of the existing ones has led to change those triode vacuum tube based ones to such as transistors and electrolyte condensers using. 

In this article we will not explain in detail what they contain inside, but let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular and desired guitar amplifiers  of all time. Also our contribution to them, so we based our software reflection to meet the ever- entering digital world. In addition, we’ll help you to be able to choose the right sound for your playing style, while knowing who used them, a little history and thus stand out with your music.  And now, without further ado, let us introduce our top 10 favorites.

  1. Marshall JTM45







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 Our first choice for an amplifier is Marshall JTM45. Produced by Jim Marshall in 1963, this amp was the answer of local’s demands of the guitarists to already existing alternative-Fender amps. Natural sustain and good compression is what makes it popular in music circles. The sound that you’ve heard of your favorite rock and blues bands in the 60’s was shaped by this iconic amp. From Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Beck and many others, this amp is a legend that lives through the years. 

Our experts from Kuassa in response to this monster, created special 3rd generation technology software that you can run straight to your PC – Amplifikation Caliburn – Amp A. The realistic feeling you will experience will not only surprise you but will also make you start creating your music immediately. It has a really dynamic and bold tone, from early AC – DC to Hendrix, you name it. Keep in mind that the power amp section is always a part of the overall tone and a small change will reflect how the amp responds and the overall tonal character.


  1. Fender Twin Reverb








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That one we picked for you because of its unique loud sound. Still for today its clean sound cannot be mistaken by any avid guitarist. Almost 60 years of proven character, this vintage amp made the guitarists recognize it as the most versatile and best sounding . This is the mighty Fender Twin Reverb. Used by blues guitar gods like SRV, countless country records, heard in millions of albums, the amp is still one of the best. 

We couldn’t remain indifferent to this world’s heritage and created our version to please the musicians with our Matchlock Amplifikation. It is made as close as possible for your satisfaction by our software engineers. 

  1. Vox AC 30









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Another great amplifier that we added to the list is one of the loudest one. Best known for its chimy character – Vox AC 30. Rock, Jazz, Indie – just pick it. This British treasure shaped generations of tones through the years. Queen, The Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, U2 and many more. Our Amplifikation Lancaster amp simulator is as close as it can be. Plenty of sounds you can experiment with in your DAW. It could be bright, heavy, roaring and singing! Just think of Brian May

  1. Marshall JCM 800

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If there is a personification of the sound of the heavy metal and hard rock in the 1980s, that would probably be Marshall JCM 800. Its tone is really amazing. One of the first high gain amplifiers with a lot of distortion and high end that cuts through the mix used by many pioneers of the heavy metal 80s British scene. Early Gary Moore, Iron Maiden, even Slayer. Wonderful fat and warm sound. 

To hear the full potential of this extremely well made amplifier on your Personal Computer is enough to load Amplifikation Caliburn – B. You’ll be satisfied by the responsive feeling you can get. Worth to try it! 


  1. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

When it comes to boutique amplifiers, nothing is more appropriate but Californian born prestigious brand – Mesa Boogie. Dated back to the beginning of the 70s, their founder Randall Smith gave to the world the most popular and desirable amps. From the whole family of amps our suggestion stops on the legendary icon – Dual Rectifier. Two generations of guitarists left their footprint in its specific sound – Dream Theater, Linkin Park, System of a Down etc. Incredible harmonics,  big bottom end and  tight punching attack are amongst its qualities.

Smitten by this one, our team of specialists prepared a special surprise for the lovers of Mesa’s. Wait for it! 





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  1. Peavey 5150









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The amplifier which we present next is very interesting. Born in the 1990s from the engineer James Brown, its signature model just can’t be confused in any way. This is the mighty  Peavey 5150. Undoubtedly correlated to the Number One of the Top 100 of the greatest guitarists of all times – Eddie Van Halen. This amp is highly flexible. It’s got a clean tone full of headroom plus providing loud and mad high gain. Characterized by pretty intense midrange. In fact the best distorted tone available on the market, you can get right here. 



  1. Hiwatt DR103







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Another British company which created a legend in the 60s and contributed to the “British Sound” is Hiwatt. It’s worth mentioning the name of the young founder David Reeves who started his path in the construction of amplifiers with fixing and repairing of TVs and hifi sets. His ingenuity and desire to surpass existing amplifiers led him to start designing his own. Today we know it by the name Hiwatt DR103. Bands like Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and The Who presented the face of that amp. A classic that is on our drawing board and we will be pleased to have it!

  1. Roland JC 120








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Probably the cleanest amp ever – Roland JC 120. Creamy soft distortion with the brightest tone, this Japanese machine appeared first in the late 70s and became a favorite amongst funk guitarists. Also the good clean tone was appreciated by the guitar players of any kind of styles like Metallica, Muse, The Eagles and so on. With a lot of power inside and sparkly clean, its sound remains very unique for the whole music industry. It’s transistor based, but let this not fool you! It is used on countless records. 

  1. Fender Bassman








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Another treasure that appeared in 1952 and  belongs to the family Fender is Fender Bassman. Although it was initially intended for bass guitars, it was soon used for many  different instruments. Desirable for any kind of style, suitable for massive clean and nice full tones, it’s just fantastic. From Jimmy Hendrix to Curt Cobain and from Bruce Springsteen to the guitarist of Pearl Jam, these  are just one of the names that used that amp. With the authority of Fender, this one will remain for the generations.

  1. Marshall 1959 Plexi.




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The last but not the least in our list we considered worth it – Marshall 1959 Plexi. We have to say that this one is specifically designed to be approved by the Who’s guitarist – Pete Townshend. The amp is incredibly flexible and of course as the others of the same era – made as loud as it can be. Countless guitar heroes preferred it – Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen etc. Another classic that we are working on and bring it into the digital world!

No matter where you can find inspiration, just turn your energy into music.

We promise you that: using our amp simulators will satisfy your musical taste. We only strive for the best!