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Introducing a number of musicians, engineers, and content creators who always have a Kuassa plugin on their setup.


Gung Harley Favorite Product:

Kuassa Amplifikation Creme.

This one amp can generate numerous sound variations. Other than that, this plugin has three different types and each one has three distinct channels! WOW! The additional three overdrive modules are very useful as well.


Dedek Kamajaya Favoritte Product:

Kuassa Amplifikation 360.

It’s like I have a rack full of gears that I can choose, route, and set any way I want. Also, the IR loader is very handy when I need to load multiple IRs. Convenient.


Arya Akbara Favorite Product:

My go-to amp sims from Kuassa are Matchlock & Clarent.

No fuss, instantly brings crystal clear and  beautiful tone! Their attractive and eye catching user interface provides unobtrusive way to tweak the sound all day long.




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