How to sound like Mastodon with Amplifikation Clarent.

Is there such a combination where you can hear bright cleans , rich bass, killer gain and at the same time, a distinctive voice of the amplifier? 


An interesting story marks this particular amplifier. The founder, Clifford Cooper, was a musician and electronics designer who started with selling old instruments in a basement in London.To deal with the difficulties of that time and due to the circumstances he started to build his own amplifiers. That is how in 1968 the Orange amplifier was named after the name of his shop. 

Very soon after the introduction , demand for the Orange amps grew quickly and the further development continued at a rapid pace but not without difficulties. Many models were manufactured through the years and a number of famous people used their different models. It is rumored that the early Black Sabbath used Orange amplifiers on a par with other brands on their first three or four albums. This is proved by photos and videos from concerts. We are not going to be surprised that their sound will later inspire bands like Sepultura to seek this sense of sound as well, but in modern version, refracted through the ears of another era.

Over 50 years, this legendary tone is actually the opposite of the common perception that this brand was created just for doom metal or stoner rock. The master of construction “Orange” even fascinated the icon of the 70s – the guitar god Jimmy Page. He was attracted to it and soon found a special place for it in the studio, as well as in the live performances. 

Amplifikation Clarent

There are no other brand than Orange Amplifiers* whose looks and presence is as unique as its sounds. Instantly recognizable by its bright colorful appearance, delivering thunderous crunchy and at the same time massive tone used by world class acts such as Fleetwood Mac*, The Black Crowes*, Oasis*, Mastodon*, High on Fire*, Slipknot*, Orianthi*, Deftones*, Korn*, and many others!

The historic amplifier builder inspired us to take it in the digital world. This time we decided to  approach the design with different idea, we decided to  mix and match the tones from different  Orange Amplifiers* and use them as an inspiration for each channel, that gives us a distinct sound and tone for you. The Clarent Amp Simulator is powered by the third generation of our proprietary circuit-matching technology and the realistic response by the amp is unmatched.


Run Amplifikation Clarent as plug-ins inside your DAW’s project, or give it an immediate run as a standalone app for a quick guitar practice or drafting out presets, or break it down to 3 different amp modules inside Amplifikation 360 “playground” .

– The Orange Mastodon of the Pleistocene Guitar Tones –

In this modern times, the mindblowing metal juggernaut Mastodon is one of the most significant users of the Orange amps. Down below we will recreate the sound of Mastodon, especially for the song  “Blood and Thunder” using our amp simulator Clarent.

We will craft a preset for the intro and the heavy rhythm guitars using Clarent amp sim in our Amplifkation 360 guitarists suite.

In this track you can hear the raw power of the amp. The intro starts with quite low gain tone, probably using the 1st channel of the amp with a lowered volume knob of the guitar, then after the intro the drums enter the arrangement and push the song into a wall of sound. Two guitars are playing at both channels in the mix. The amps are maxed out with the gains and the masters almost at max. It’s almost fuzzy distortion, but there’s a character with a distinctive mid range and massive low end. The mix is actually filled with a distorted bass in the center, but you can clearly hear the power of the guitar tone produced by the amp.

We will use the Amp Type C – the 1st channel for the intro

The cabinet is the 4×12 Heavy Duty cab, miced up with the classic Dynamic 421 microphone

The tone is shaped to fit in the mix with our Free EQ module

The Rhythm tone is based on the same amp but the second channel:

Also same cab, but with a different mic for different flavor

And again the tone is going through the Efektor GQ3607 Graphic Equalizer with the same settings used for the intro.

The whole rig is saved as one preset – patch for Amplifikation 360.

Here you can hear the rhythm guitars alone
Audio Sample

Here you can hear the whole picture in the mix
Audio Sample:

Here you can download the preset and copy it to your presets folder:


Presets folder:


C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Kuassa\Presets\Amplifikation360


/Users/[User Name]/Music/Kuassa/Presets/Amplifikation360

We hope when you open your DAW and load our Amplifikation Clarent amp simulator will rock your music with the lowest earth shattering tones ever! Keep rocking!

Stay tuned for more tones in the next weeks with history, explanation and preset for download!