5 reasons to upgrade your Kuassa Amp/FX plug-ins to Amplifikation 360 Bundle

Amplifikation 360 Bundle.
The culmination of 12 years of plugin development focusing for the best guitar tone!
Schematic by schematic meticulously modeled, packed into plugins, then broken down again into smaller modules for endless mixing combinations within Amplifikation 360.

Here are five reasons why you should upgrade your Kuassa plugins to an A360 Bundle:

1. The Amplifikation 360 Bundle is an assortment of 21 plug-ins that break down into 80+ modules and utilities. See the complete list here: https://www.kuassa.com/products/amplifikation-360-bundle/





2. Freedom at its best! All plug-ins can be used as single plug-ins, or you can create custom routings, mix, match, and design your own tone using the useful utilities inside Amplifikation 360. https://www.kuassa.com/products/amplifikation-360

3. Get access to hundreds of production-ready presets, and use them as a plugin in your favorite DAW, or take it into a live session with loads of live-friendly features.


4. Unique, flexible pricing. Instead of spending more money on the full bundle, upgrade your existing Kuassa amps or FXs. Register your order IDs at the member area [https://member.kuassa.com], and get discounted, custom pricing for everything in Amplifikation 360 Bundle.

5. During the Holiday Sale 2022, enjoy 50% off the price of the Complete my A360 custom prices. Offer expires on January 2nd, 2022.

Amplifikation 360 Bundle modules upgrade