We are celebrating the uniqueness of Indonesian musical craft at Musikmesse 2019.

Indonesia is the land of creative diversity with an ever-growing creative industry. Moreover, music is one of the subsectors that has a firm root in Indonesian culture, with its expansive list of ethnic sounds and instruments. IDentities brought together budding and established talents from all around Indonesia to give you a taste of unique Indonesian melody. All crafted by the hands that awaken the soul within us.

The artists
Blueberry Guitars
Genta Trikarya
Indonesian Bamboo Community
Kuassa Teknika
Kyre Drums
Roadmaster Fidelity
Sasando Shop
Seruni Karya Indonesia
Sicash Makmor
Sui Generis Straps Co
X9 Pro Audio

  • Blueberry Guitars
    Blueberry Guitar was born from Danny Fonfeder’s idea to marry outstanding craftsmanship to extraordinary art by bringing together Balinese woodcarvers and Western technology and expertise. Each guitar is a work of art, handmade with unique detail and materials. No two guitars are alike. But all of them meet the same exacting standards of great musicians and art connoisseurs. Creating a difference that can be heard from the very first note played to open up new and unlimited musical possibilities.
    Wayan Tuges
  • Genta Trikarya
    Genta Guitars was born in Bandung, Indonesia. It produces acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, acoustic bass, electric bass, and harp guitar from solid premium grade timbers with soundboards made out of tonewoods that only grow in Indonesia. It has refined an extraordinary skill of guitar making and maintains an active dealer network for international distribution to Europe and the United States with custom brands and models.
  • Indonesian Bamboo Community
    A community for bamboo craftsman, bamboo farmers, and people who are interested in bamboo to change people’s perception of bamboo. Indonesian Bamboo Community creates electric guitar, bass guitar, and violin with their construction and character. They have three musical series under the label Virage Awie that consists of Primitive, Conventional, and Extreme.
  • Kuassa Teknika
    A team of musicians/engineers who develop Pro-audio software for musicians. It has grown organically into one of the world’s most trusted brand in audio plugins, a computerized software version of musical devices and studio effects used by musicians and engineers on every level from hobbyists, bedroom studios, to significant facilities in Hollywood. They specialize in digital guitar amplification and audio processing.
  • Kyre Drums
    A custom drum company that has its humble beginning in a garage and has now grown into a formidable player in the musical landscape. Their main product is the custom drum that will be created based on the buyer’s specification, type of wood, size, and also finishing. They accept orders in all quantity and all range of custom, as an implementation of their motto: You dream it, we built it.
  • Roadmaster Fidelity
    Premiere Wood Manufacturing (PMW) focuses on ODM/OEM Loudspeaker manufacturing and has invested in the continuous improvement to the facility to fulfill demands on loudspeaker industries from Wood Working, Finishing, Electronic Assembly to Loudspeaker System Assembly and Testing. PWM currently has 3 brands marketed and sold in Indonesia: Roadmaster(Active Speakers), Fidelity(Hi-Fi and Professional Loudspeaker) and Salsa (Active Speaker)
    www.premierewood.com / www.roadmaster.id
  • Sasando Shop
    An online shop that sells various types of Sasando, both electric and acoustic, to introduce Sasando to the world. It wants to make Sasando, a native string instrument from East Nusa Tenggara into a musical instrument that can be played by everyone anywhere, and has been sold to many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, England, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and others.
  • Seruni Karya Indonesia
    A manufacturing company that makes products of audio and acoustic equipment. It was born from a dream to get the best result in reproducing sound when recording acoustic instruments and traditional Indonesian instruments. Recently, they had just launched their very first series of SERUNIAUDIOTM SEM-O1. A hand-built electret condenser microphone that’s specifically designed for acoustic instruments.
  • Sicash Makmor
    Sawoe is woodcraft and handcraft supplier that’s based as a home industry. It has its beginning when Toirono received an order of abacus from Dutch officials in Blitar. He thought and pondered on the slopes on the Mountain Kelud while praying to God and finally dreamt of bamboo and banana midribs. Both of those tools become the origin of wood making latches, and the result still can be seen in Sawoe’s current products.
  • Sui Generis Straps Co
    A brand that creates 100% handmade and handcrafted straps for guitar and ukulele. 100% local in both production and real source, it crafted straps that aren’t just easy in the eyes, but also have the highest standard and quality. Each strap was made to facilitate the different and unique characteristics of the people through a variety of design that can enhance your appearance just like the clothes you wear.
  • X9 Pro Audio
    A self-made the producer of loudspeakers, pro series loudspeakers, and line array loudspeakers. X9 Pro Audio takes pride in its beautiful and clean sound, with barely any feedback even when the mic is near the speakers. It’s not dependent on the amplifier and was designed to be concise and light so it can be used both indoor and outdoor.