The BIG Amplifikation 360 Update is here!
Native Apple Silicon Support, many new MIDI features, better LIVE mode implementation, new Amplifikation Rectifor modules, bugfixes, and more feature improvements by updating to version 1.1.0.
Changes in Ver. 1.1.0:
  • New: Rectifor amps and cabinets modules added.
  • New: Amplifikation360i AU added (MIDI Controller supported version).
  • New: MIDI setting save / load preset file (*.a360midisetting) added.
  • New: MIDI PC support.
  • New: Previous Preset, Next Preset, Tap Tempo and Tuner MIDI address added.
  • New: When saving main preset in LIVE mode, the modules on/off states are also saved.
  • New: LIVE / TOGGLE mode.
  • New: MIDI Input Channel setting added.
  • New: Macro switch swap row added.
  • New: Native Apple Silicon support.
  • MIDI address editor renewed.
  • MIDI learn needs 2 values / clicks.
  • MIDI learn GUI bug when no Audio fixed.
  • Lock MIDI Address is automatically on after editing / learn address.
  • During editing Live Switch slots (Live Edit mode), the Expression Knob right click popup menu and MIDI read using MIDI controller are disabled.
  • MAC VST3 resize bug fixed
  • Undo / Redo limited to 256
  • Tap Tempo improved.
  • Tuner improved.
  • Save main preset undo/redo history bug fixed.
  • InsertView on Container bug fixed.
  • Clarent, Lancaster, and some other modules setting when replaced with different sub-category bug fixed.
  • Preset Version updated to 1.1. Warning: this version cannot be opened using Amplifikation 360 Ver.1.0.5 or below, the problem will occur only if the preset or project was saved using LIVE / TOGGLE mode.
  • Dialog box alert when the project or preset was saved using newer preset version.
  • Crash prevention when loading newer preset version or opening DAW project that was saved using newer preset version.
Update to version 1.1.0 here >