Our Product Specialist Dimi Nalbantov just finished his journey in recreating 26 famous guitar tone. He really enjoyed it! 

Dimitar Nalbantov Presents:

Kuassa Classic Tones Collection Ⅱ – Caliburn Edition

Featuring a massive collection of effect chains/combinators and presets inspired by classic guitar tones from the last decades. This time, Dimitar Nalbantov, Product Specialist of Kuassa, are solely using the hot British Amp Simulator: Amplifikation Caliburn combined with Kuassa Efektor Series. Made to inspire your guitar recording and production with a professional sounding sounds straight out from your Reason DAW and Reaper DAW.

Reason Combinators and Reaper Track Chains. Available now to download!

26 Songs


  • 26 Reason Songs Project Files for easy loading – Mixed with Stock Reason Plugins
  • 151 Presets
  • 84 Reason Combinators

REAPER Folder:

  • 26 Reaper Project Templates for easy loading – Mixed with Stock Reaper Plugins
  • 83 Presets
  • 78 Reaper Track Chains
  • 22 EZ Drummer 2 Session Templates
  • XLN Addictive Drums 1 Preset

Guitars used:

  • Gibson Copy
  • Fender Stratocaster 1984 Japan
  • Ibanez RG 320
  • Elixir Strings

Audio Interface:

  • TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6


  • Reason 9
  • Reaper 5


  • EZ Drummer 2


Download here: https://dimitones.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/guitar-reason-combinators-classic-rock-guitar-tones-covers-collection-2-reaper-track-templates/

For Reason: Reason Combinators – Song Files

For Reaper: Reaper Track Chains – Song Templates