Hailing from Bandung, Indonesia. DTX a.k.a Arya Harditya started to produce back in 2001 where he produce lots of underground hip-hop music,then he moved to Australia to study and at the same time started to produce a Deep House and Electro sound in 2003.

In 2006 ,DTX went back to Indonesia and working with 2 projects at the same time and also a full time Graphic Designer, he managed to set his own releases in 2012 under 2 international labels such as Tongue Flap (U.K) & In Da Jungle (Canada).

DTX had a lot of recognition through out the globe from 2009 until now. DTX also have been recognized by his local remixes of Homogenic, Rafika Duri (bootleg) , Jeruji, Media Distorsi, Osvaldo Nugroho, Tino Forever, and Traxx Project. DTX also part of a community called Junglizta,which its podcast had been populated by famous local and international DJs

In 2011, DTX tunes has been on #1 Dance Music chart and has been awarded as Producer of the Year by PARANOIA Hard Rock FM (the first Drum & Bass producer to be awarded), also Best DJ 2012 by JUICE Magazine.

Today, in the midst of his busy work as a Head of Electronic Music Dept. at SAE Institute Jakarta, DTX has set his own record label called Invert Recordings, co-founding this Bass Music label with his long time best friend, Talon a.k.a Andrew Munday (Australia).

Here’s his comment when he tried out the EVE-AT4 Equalizer:

For drums, the Low Frequency processing is total spot on! The gain control is smooth, give the 110Hz a 3dB boost and it elevates the overall power of the drums, giving a pleasing saturation. The high frequency is a bit too sensitive for me, so  I only adds 1.5dB for extra crispness, lift above that a bit if I wants more color. For bass processing, I really like how EVE-AT4 can emphasize bass stereo image, boost 10dB at 60Hz frequenct, then it’s final!

More info about DTX: