Have you ever in the middle of a tour, and finding trouble to find nearby local studio to rehearse before a gig? Or some sh*t happened to your live engineer rendering you helpless to seek for a last minute replacement? As a struggling indie musicians ourselves, sometimes the hardest part is not making music itself, but also handling small bits which sometimes critical to the survival of your band. If you just started your music career and don’t have a manager yet, those should be a daunting task for you. Ideally, as a creativity engine, us musicians shouldn’t have distracted by things like that and  focus on your primary objective as a musician, creating great music.

Recently, we got introduced to the nice folks at Meet & Jam by a friend.  They are a London-based startup providing services for studios and musicians alike, here’s their services as mentioned on their website:

Meet & Jam is a network of musicians and a booking / calendar system for rehearsal and recording studios.


Musicians put up profiles complete with location, instruments, influences, kit, video and audio. You can browse and contact each other, book studios and advertise for new band members, teachers, pupils or jam buddies at their Classifieds sections, all for free. Meet & Jam musician community is the perfect place to be discovered, be offered work, create new projects or invite musicians to join existing ones. For bands, each member sets up an individual profile before the most organised of the bunch creates the ‘group’ on our Band Planner. On this private page bands and jam groups can organise themselves, send messages and plan gigs and tours – listing sound check and on stage times and set lists. You can create as many groups and projects as you like.  


Rehearsal and Recording Studios set up profiles on the site, or they can do it for you. Send them an email with your studio name and studio email address to request your studio’s login and password. Meet & Jam provide a multi-room, bespoke studio calendar system where studios can offer anything from just unfilled space and last minute bookings to their entire space. All telephone bookings are easily managed on a calendar system too in one incredibly simple solution.

The services that they offered is quite interesting, and it could be a life-saver for us since they providing a networked place where musicians and studios sorted tidily. As an addition, they also have this tool called “Band Planner”, useful for arranging rehearsal schedule between each of the bandmembers busy activities.

From our conversation with them, Nick from Meet & Jam have said to us that indie musicians should stick together. We couldn’t agree more! We thought that we should share about Meet & Jam to you guys, in case many of you haven’t heard about them and might dig their services. The services is all free, unless someone books a studio of course in which case it’s the usual price the studio charges.

Heads up to Meet & Jam website here: