Cont’d from Part I: Navire Creux
Hi Axel,

I hope you dont mind to write a bit for an interview. We think, this interview will be very helpful for other 
kuassa users to understand your creative process when creating music. 
Feel free to message me or tama on facebook if you have something to ask ;)

Anyhow, here is the questions:

What inspires you? 
inschinatownpiration comes in many forms and it varies from the daily routine to politics of this country called ‘Lion City‘. The irregularities of the the society intrigues me. Some are good and some are not so favorable. The many people I meet coming from different walks of life. Each dictating a story of their own through their actions, expressions and perceptions. Inspiration comes from all sorts of revenue and channeled to my music, as an entity, a whole according to me.
You just got back from Canada, what did you learn/see there?
In term of music of course. Canada brought back a lot of fond memoriesbrother and I of which the ones I could recall as a little boy. I feel more at ease and the pace was what I was seeking. Having to go back there after many years definitely has made an impact on me. I was able to feel more in sync with my surroundings and the music culture there differs from what we have here. People there are more adaptable and open to new music, new materials. Seeing that beckons me to think out of the box, going against the norms of normal music expectations from the masses. In a sense, I feel more confident to do more for my music.
Describe what the significance of concept and composition in your works (music, visual, etc) 
upNavire Creux is my sound diary. It’s just like having a normal diary with the daily events jotted down. Instead of words, I have my music to express my emotions. The rage raw sounding sounds are not to be fooled by me simply being angry. It is more so a strong dictation of my thoughts and views on things that I rather not express in words. The syncopation of the rhythm and the unusual time signatures or the sludginess edge to my sounds is the main significance to my works, of course being a fan of such genres. Even so, I’d like to very much make it sound different, in my own style but omniscient sounding.
How the experimentation going on on your creative process? 
I’ve always been experimenting around with softwares and I love trying out new otelenes. I don’t want to be constantly kept in my own comfort zone, being accustomed to one type of software. I ventured out and stumbled upon Kuassa eve AT-1&4, the brainchild of a mutual friend and I was sold. I’ve been mixing my music with that particular software for the past year but I was still hungry for more possibilities to improve my sound, to make the drum tracking sound more to my liking until ezdrummer 2 came about and it was a blessing to my concerns. The amalgamation of the two softwares put together eases most of my worries of not getting my sound. In fact, the rawness of the energy of my works are more evident now that I’m comfortable with the experimentation of the 2 softwares. Though it was taxing on the wallet, it’s all round worth it.
Talking about your creative process, which Kuassa plugin is your favorite?
My favorite is amplifikation creme as it tailors to my needs of versatility. It sounds close to amps and has that airy and roomy vibe compared to other virtual guitar amp which sounds digital to my ears.
What’s the biggest contribution you have done or try to achieve in term of work of art?
imagineThough my music may seem exclusive to many as I expressed it to be my sound diary, I aim to subtly interact with the masses through my music, how they agree to the surface aggressiveness of it yet it brings cheers to the hearts of many. The little take away from my music that people may have after listening to my works is the most fulfilling thing I could have garner. To have people telling me how much my music have aided them through hard and smooth sailing times. My music is an art that I wish to indent in many as a form of emotion expression or even a dictation of their different phases in life. Impact is my achievement and my fulfillment.
Define life, and what is the ideal kind of world from your perspective? 
spikyLife is a cliche subject to discuss about because they’re always textbook answers to it. However, life in my eyes. I don’t seek for much or abundance. Life to me is all about hustling and working hard to get to that goal you set for yourself. Life is about being selfish at times when you know you’ve tried your best but sometimes it falls on deaf ears or unnoticed. Life is pretty much unpredictable, with the whirlwind of emotions that comes together with it. Life is your choice. You are the master of your own destiny and the constant battle with your inner demons gets you striving harder than before. So yeah, take it as it comes you know? Always be prepared. I have no ideal world that I yearn for. Because ideal can be boring and an incessant repeat of happenings may just leave you stagnant. You’ll tend to take things for granted. I don’t fancy that.
Lastly, continuing from the last question, how you respond with the current situation? 
Current situation isn’t somewhat commendable but I’m not about to give up anything yet. My music keeps me going and I want to discover new horizons with my music despite not breezing through it because hey, you need fall before you can celebrate your successes. 
Photos taken from Axel’s personal gallery