In the realm of electronic music production, few genres evoke the nostalgic allure of the past quite like synthwave and hyperpop.

With the “Neon Arp” preset from the Kuassa Synth Essential Bundle, crafted by Rathomi, you can transport your compositions to the neon-lit streets of the 80s or dive into the vibrant world of contemporary hyperpop. Let’s dissect this versatile preset and uncover its secrets.

Embracing Synthwave and Hyperpop

The “Neon Arp” preset is tailor-made to capture the essence of synthwave, with its pulsating rhythms and retro-futuristic melodies. Utilizing the raw sound of the DCO Square wave and Saw wave from the iconic Juno Synth in Arp Mode, this preset delivers an authentic vintage vibe that harkens back to the glory days of the 80s. However, its versatility extends beyond synthwave, seamlessly blending into the modern soundscape of hyperpop, as popularized by artists like Charli XCX, AG Cook, SOPHIE, and the PC Music label.

Key Effects in the Chain:
  1. Chorus (Ensemble): Drawing inspiration from the onboard chorus effect of the Roland Juno synth, the Chorus Ensemble type adds expansiveness and epicness to the sound. Perfect for achieving thick, supersaw-like synth sounds reminiscent of classic 80s hits.
  2. Tape Delay: Adding depth and texture to the synth sound, the Tape Delay imparts a nostalgic, lo-fi retro vibe. With two delay pedals within a Container set to different time signatures, you can create syncopated rhythmic effects that enhance the overall groove of your composition. 
  3. Stereo Panner: Enhancing rhythm and groove, the Stereo Panner pedals create wide textural soundscapes by manipulating the stereo field. Set to full right and left panning positions, they add movement and dimension to the sound.
  4. Plate Reverb: Elevating the frequency spectrum, the Plate Reverb pedal brings a majestic quality to the sound, reminiscent of the lush atmospheres found in synthwave productions. 
  5. Vibracula: Emulating vintage audio player sounds, detuned oscillators, and analog synth drift, the Vibracula effect adds a wobbly texture to the sound, enhancing its retro charm. Adjust the wobbliness to your liking and experiment with different settings to achieve the desired effect. 
  6. Volume Pedal: Finally, the Volume Pedal allows you to control the output of your FX chain, giving you complete flexibility over the sound’s dynamics and intensity.
With its meticulously crafted effects chain, the “Neon Arp” preset offers a captivating journey through the nostalgic landscapes of synthwave and hyperpop. Whether you’re seeking to recreate the iconic sounds of the 80s or explore the cutting-edge sounds of modern electronic music, this preset from the Kuassa Synth Essential Bundle is an essential tool for any electronic music producer.
Unlock the retro vibes of the “Neon Arp” preset and elevate your compositions to new heights today. Get the preset here: