Navire Creux came to light in early 2009 with humble beginnings.
Founded by Axel as a home project— his personal way of narrating his life and a cathartic outlet for pent-up emotions, Navire Creux had no fixed genre and focused on writing music intuitively. Late 2011 saw the digital release of Navire Creux’s EP, entitled “INCENDIARY”; which included tracks such as ‘Fading Out’, ‘Mistreat’, ‘The Man Who Killed The Light’ and ‘Incendiary’. Following the first release, Navire Creux evolved and progressed further to produce a heavier sound geared in a whole new direction— creating dark, post-metal music. The aftermath of this experimentation came in the form of a new release in early September 2013, entitled “Reprobate”.

Currently in the midst of working on a new album.

Navire Creux’s doodles using Kuassa:

More info about Navire Creux: