Discover the Future of Harmonization!
Efektor Meloditron is here, and it’s ready to revolutionize your guitar playing! This advanced harmonizer plugin instantly generates perfectly matched harmonies to accompany your every note. With 18 different scales and a range of harmonies to choose from, you can explore new creative horizons like never before. Elevate your music with Efektor Meloditron—available now!

Embrace the smart & flawless harmonization.

Imagine having two virtuosos harmoniously jamming alongside you, consistently in perfect sync. Kuassa Efektor Meloditron follows your artistic preferences, delivering flawless harmonized notes in an extensive array of modes and scales.

Unleash perfect harmonies with Efektor Meloditron’s intelligent harmony generation engine, an advanced and sophisticated monophonic harmonizer plugin that incorporates cutting-edge harmony generator engine. Instantaneously generate harmonies that seamlessly align with every note you play. With the Smart Harmonizer feature, simply select your key, and Meloditron will generate single note, diatonic harmonies. This opens up a new dimension to your guitar solos, or any creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect harmonies to suit your music.

Customize your sound even further with individual panning for each harmony, allowing you to create a rich, immersive stereo field. The flawless note tracking ensures every nuance of your playing is captured with precision, while the low-pass filter adds warmth and character to your harmonized tones.

To ensure the highest quality sound, Efektor Meloditron delivering precise pitch tracking and audio resolution. The straightforward single-screen interface puts all the power at your fingertips, with no hidden functionality to slow you down.
For an even more comprehensive harmonic experience, check out the Efektor Pitch Bundle, which includes Efektor Whammo Pitch Shifter/BenderEfektor Harmonitron Harmonizer, and Efektor Meloditron Smart Harmony. This bundle is the ultimate toolkit for shaping your sound and exploring the depths of harmonization.

Get ready to dive into a world of harmonization like never before.

Key Features :

  • Smart dual-voiced harmony generation
  • Choose from 18 different scales in a variety of keys and harmonies
  • Different pan for each harmonies
  • Flawless note tracking
  • Low-pass filter
  • Straightforward single screen interface. No hidden functionality.
  • Available as an Amplifikation 360 module

Efektor Meloditron is not only a standalone plugin; it also integrates as an Amplifikation 360 module. Furthermore, Kuassa announces the upcoming availability of the Reason Studios Rack Extension.

Kuassa also announced the Efektor Pitch Bundle, a collection of harmonizers and pitch shifters that includes Efektor Whammo Pitch Shifter/Bender, Efektor Harmonitron Harmonizer, and Efektor Meloditron Smart Harmonizer.

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