Our product specialist, Dimitar Nalbantov just made a full song as a free download for his new song called “Good Day”, complete with audio stems, settings screenshots and presets for Amplifikation Creme amp simulator. It includes all the necessary files to make a full session project for any DAWs. Here’s what it contains:

  • Drums MIDI file, the drum’s track bounce is also available as a stereo .wav file made using Steven Slate 3.5 drums on Kontakt 5.
  • .wav guitar tracks with Amplifikation Creme .kcp preset
  • .wav bass tracks with Cerberus Bass Amp .kcbp preset
  • Setting’s screenshot for each track’s additional plugins for mixing, including Kratos 2 Maximizer for finishing touch
  • finished mixdown track

All rights for the song title “Good Day” and all the included materials reserved by Dimitar Nalbantov (c) 2016

Download the project file here >> Good Day Project


Read On for explanations and settings on each plugins:

Drums: Kontakt 5 with Steven Slate 3.5 drums



Drums EQ: ReaEQ on the full drum kit
Used some High Pass 34-5Hz, too much sub in the kick

Lowered lows around 124hz to remove some overpowering
in the mix from the lows buildup



Drums Compression: Kjaerhus Audio Compressor
It’s an old plugin and its 32 bit, but somehow still love it
and it worked well on the whole kit
Compressor Stock preset: Drums

Bass Guitar:
Kuassa’s Bass Amp
JB Ferox – Tape Emulation – Saturation – added some grit


Intro Guitar Track:



Intro guitar:
Kjaerhus Audio Compressor – preset: Vocal
worked great to keep the dynamic even


EQ –  ReaEQ
Low Shelf: 85.7
Boosted 3670.8 hz by 5.6dB, in some cases it would be too much,
but in this mix I needed some more presence of the guitar /Ibanez RG with hum buckers – pretty dark guitar, compared to Strats /
Maybe if the guitar was a Strat type, it wouldn’t be necessary .


High Guitar Delay track:

High Guitar Delay track

Kjaerhus Audio Compressor – preset: Vocal
The same settings as on the Intro Guitar Track!

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay emulates 3 of the most commonly used delays / echo sounds types: Tape, Analog, and Digital.
One of my favorites for guitars!

High Guitar Delay trackDelay


Power Rhythm guitars Left and Right channels
Kuassa Creme and ReaEQ settings:

Left Guitar:

Left Guitar EQ:
Low Shelf 91hz
Band: 312hz -3.8dB : Had to clear some 300hz boxyfrequencies
Band: 3069hz – 6.6dB: the presence was too much for this mix
Low Pass: 6074hz – 3.0dB: space for the other instruments and more detailed tone.

Right Guitar:

Right Guitar EQ:
Low Shelf 91hz
Band: 300hz  +2dB : Had to add some “body
Band: 2879hz – 4.4dB: the presence was too much again
Low Pass: 5548hz – 3.0dB: Again more space added for the other instruments and more detailed tone


Solo Guitar :


Solo Guitar EQ:
Low Shelf: 91.4hz
Band: 300hz  +2dB : Had to add some “body
Band: 606hz +5dB boost: This worked well for the solo to pop-out in the mix.
Band: 2872 hz -3.0dB – again some shaping
Low Pass: 4222hz – 3.0dB Bandwidth: 0.80
Again more space added for the other instruments and more detailed tone


Delay Settings:



Cat Delay is an “old” or “vintage”  stereo delay plugin from Slim Slow Slider. It’s only 68kb in size ? But I love it!

The Cat Delay features independent control of the tempo of the left and right channels to the BPM of the VST host, independent control of the note-length settings of each channel, and a filter section. The delay plugin is very intuitive to use, and it can make great sounding delay lines in no time!

Project Reverb Send

All the guitars were sent to a Aux – send Bus Track with OmniVerb.

Also the replaced snare track is using the same reverb
You can use any of your  favorite reverb


Master Track

IK The White 2A Leveling Amplifier
My favorite Mix bus compression


Bus Master Track EQ:

High Pass: 47 hz
Band: 384hz  -2.4dB Q: 0.80  – Opens the whole sound
Band: 2871hz -4,4 dB Cut: Removed some build up from the guitars presence
High Shelf: 3906db -+2.0dB boost- Clarity


Kratos 2 Maximizer