Kuassa Amp Week

Up to 61% Off all Kuassa Amplifikation Guitar/Bass Amp Plugins.

Started: February 10, 2021
Ends: February 24, 2021

Some say it’s a Guitar Amp Simulator, others prefer to call it a Virtual Guitar Amp Software. Those are the kind of software products which made us famous since our first amp released back in 2009.  

Our Amplifikation range has been used in countless records by top composers, guitarists, engineers, producers and musicians from their simple bedroom studio, to a top-class facility in Hollywood. Still, until now, they are our most-selling products and people love us for those.

Get our Amplifikation range of Guitar Amp Simulator, Bass Amp Plugins, and Rack Extension Amps for up to 61% discount. Only for the next two weeks.

*Offer valid until February 24, 2021.

Price List:
  1. Amplifikation One  from $49.95 to $40At 20% discount  
  2. Cerberus Bass Amp from $49 to $29At 41% discount  
  3. Amplifikation Vermilion  from $39 to $19At 51% discount  
  4. Amplifikation Creme  from $39 to $15At 61% discount  
  5. Amplifikation Caliburn  from $49 to $35At 28% discount  
  6. Amplifikation Matchlock from $49 to $35At 28% discount  
  7. Amplifikation Clarent from $49 to $35At 28% discount  

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