Kuassa has just done their first workshop called “Chatterbox”. The session discussed a wide range of topics around electronic music, the scene, on how the musicians get to know each other for the first time, and how to start a career as an electronic music producer and find their own market.

Kuassa invited a number of speakers. They are: Bagvs (divisi62, Frekuensi Antara) as a new generation of producer in electronic music scene; Satria Anggapradja, who uses different monikers for his projects:  Sattle (Push / Pull) and Adder (Javabass), who shared his approach in terms of production on 2 different genres and audience; and also Nobie from Bottlesmokers who shared his experience of attending and performing on a variety of art and music festival

The workshop session went quite exciting from the various topic being discussed and questions from the audience. We talked about sampling and copyright issue the definition of electronic music and the rise of AI in many aspects of technology, including music. This event was attended by various generations, from lecturers, hobbyist,  senior musicians, and the younger generation of musicians.

According to the plan, this event will be continuous. Please visit our Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/kuassa/) to join the next workshop event.