The third event of “Kuassa Chatterbox Session” talkshow about music production and technology. Presenting reputable actors from various field of music, especially those who relate to electronic music.

The process of reusing segment of sounds, or better known as “sampling”, is one of the technique that is performed by electronica and hiphop producer in the daily process of making music. In this method the producer reuses parts of other releases or records new original sounds for later composition.

This specific creation process, since a long time ago, has been greatly assisted by the existence of recording devices and sound manipulators such as phonograph, turntables, and the most modern ones such hardware and software samplers.

Initially started from the exploitation and exploration in the realm of experimental music (academic), to the realm of popular music, sampling has become one of the popular methods widely applied in the music production to this day.

Kuassa Presents:
Chatterbox S01E03: The Art of Sampling
Thursday, August 15th 18:00 – 21:00
at BLOCK71 Bandung Dago Street 108

We will talk about history, the use of hardware, selection of appropriate software, and sampling techniques will be discussed in detail and in depth in the discussion panel “The Art of Sampling” with E-One Cronik aka DJ Evileutz/Homicide (R.I.P), Cronik, Bars of Death, EYEFEELSIX, Grimloe Records dan JAY Beathustler / EYEFEELSIX, CutzChamber, Evileutz.


For detailed information about registration, check out our Highlight Stories “FREE REGIST!” on Instagram @kuassa. This event is free of charge! Do come by and tell your friends!

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