Dania – Logitech Pebble M350 

My daily mouse is LOGITECH PEBBLE M350 bluetooth. I love its minimalist flat design, small, and available in kawaii pink pastel color. Can be used with or without a dongle, also works on PC and iPad.


The best mouse is the original Microsoft Sidewinder, especially because I prefer big and bulky mouse. Six buttons, on the fly DPI adjustment, and also equipped with adjustable weight blocks. Too bad, it’s discontinued and replaced with Sidewinder X5 which I also like.


Logitech B175, because it’s cordless, reliable, and cheap.


Logitech B100, no nonsense, it just works!


Two handed operators (keyboard shortcut heavy) like me prefer a Trackball. Other than that, MacBookPro’s trackpad is considerably one of the most reliable pointing devices I ever used, for creative works, or any other works for that matter. Mice are overrated.


I have a Logitech g304 Gaming Mouse but often use the Logitech B100 as well. I’m not into small mice but not a heavy gamer who needs multiple buttons or intensive clicking. 


Logitech G603, proper size and weight for my 3D works and 24/7 gaming.


Windows only, Logitech Wireless m170. Durable. It gets thrown many times, and still works.


Canyon. 5$ just works


Logitech g102. Budget friendly, 5 buttons, adjustable dpi. 


Logitech MX Master 2S. I migrated from Apple’s Mighty Mouse and then realized I like sidescrollers so much.