Metallica – “Enter Sandman” guitar tone 

with Amplifikation Rectifor 

Here’s a story about the greatest heavy metal band of all times. From the early formation in 1981 until today, every fan of heavy metal can sing at least one of their tracks. 

Short history

James Hetfield as guitarist and vocalist and drummer Lars Ulrich formed this band in San Francisco in the beginning of the 80s. At first the band had Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) as lead guitarist and Ronald J. McGovney as a bassist. Soon after the firing of Mustaine from the band, the guitar player Kirk Hammett took over his place and the current bassist was replaced by Cliff Burton. Unfortunately in September 1986 Cliff Burton died after a tour bus accident and the bassline was given to Jason Newsted. But after several albums with Metallica he departed and his place took the bassist who is the latest one still for today – Robert Trujillo. This is pretty much a long story short. Lets now dig into the music of the band throughout these all years. 

 A lot of singles and a great amount of music videos along with thousands of concerts all over the globe and the most important for the history – they have 10 studio albums with amazing trash, heavy, aggressive metal. They have won nine Grammy awards and many times number one on the Billboard 200. The band is so commercially successful that they have millions of copies of albums sold worldwide. 

Undoubtedly every instrument is equally important for the whole sound of a band, but you have to think in detail and uniqueness seems to come from the guitars. That’s why we chose one of the very best Metallica songs of all albums and this is the fantastic “Enter Sandman ”. The guitar riff at its best. Of Course we decided to recreate this song because for the “wall of guitars’  you’re gonna need a perfect amplifier. When you stay in your studio or at home in front of the computer what  is better than our Amplifikation Rectifor amp simulator?! 

“Enter Sandman” rhythm guitar tone  with our Amp Sim Rectifor

The gear list used by Metallica is quite big. From Diesel amplifiers, Mesa Boogie Mark II to IV and Dual Rectifiers.

To recreate the tone of the rhythm guitar we will use our Amplifikation Rectifor inside the Amplifikation 360 suite. The chain is simple. 

A gate to remove the unwanted strings noise and interference.

Then an overdrive module to tighten up the low end and solidify the distortion.

The amp is Rectifor Type B amp with moderate settings 

The Cab is the classic Closed back with single microphone angled off axis.

And at the end an EQ module to shape the tone a little further.
Cutting some rumble from the lows, removing some resonant body from the midds to make it more scooped and then some highs cut to remove some highs end.

A simple chain, but with great tone and result!

Here is the full chain in A360

The instantly recognizable song of Metallica is not just a track in the heavy metal genre, it is a milestone for the future and will remain like concrete to be listened to. As a matter of fact the band Metallica was and is a turning point of the course of heavy metal music.

Here you can hear the tone. The guitar is an Ibanez RG320 with stock pickups.

Audio Sample:

Here you can download the preset and copy it to your presets folder:


The preset file for A360 looks like this: Met-Sandman.ka360p  copy the file after extracting it from the zip file at:

Presets folder:


C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Kuassa\Presets\Amplifikation360


/Users/[User Name]/Music/Kuassa/Presets/Amplifikation360

Stay tuned for more tones with history, explanation and preset for download!