We Are Excited to announce that (nearly*) all Kuassa plugins are now run natively on Apple Silicon processors.

The native silicon updates for our new and older plug-ins have been rolled out one by one over the past few weeks. There is no charge for this update, Download the installers on our download page.

Individual announcements:

  • https://www.kuassa.com/kuassa-updates-all-studio-fxs-to-support-apple-silicon/
  • https://www.kuassa.com/update-for-all-amplifikation/
  • https://www.kuassa.com/kuassa-release-update-all-efektor-v-1-2-0/

*As an exception, our Amplifikation Lite and BasiQ Equalizer will have delay in update due to an older architecture that are more complicated to support Apple Silicon processors natively. Subscribe to our newsletter for further announcement.