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Est. 2010. Bandung, Indonesia.

Kuassa is a team of musicians/engineers developing Pro-Audio software for musicians. Started out as a trusted recording studio in the vast Indonesia music scene. Today, Kuassa grew organically into one of the world’s most trusted brand in audio plugins, a computerized software version of musical devices and studio effects used by musicians and engineers on every level from hobbyists, bedroom studios, to significant facilities in Hollywood.

Our Amplifikation Series, Efektor Series, and Studio Effect series have won many prestigious awards and being praised by International media and used by top RIAA certified guitarists, composers, and producers. For the products, we develop a range of analog circuit modeling, acoustic simulation and audio DSP algorithms for musical purposes.

By working for Kuassa, live both your passion for music and your professional expertise. Have an opportunity to work with a team of musicians who also happen to be professionals from science, design, business, and engineering background. Take part in creating the new milestone of award-winning, world-class products to bring music toward technology advancement.

Read more about Kuassa here: http://www.kuassa.com/about-us/press/

Send your project portfolio, CV, and expected salary using [Programmer Vacancy Submission] subject here: info@kuassa.com

Your Tasks:

Become part of our research and development team, developing our next generation of music-oriented software products

Your Profile:

  • Familiarity with C++ is a must, being adept in it is a major plus
  • Familiarity with PHP, Python, XML and other programming language is a plus
  • Understanding of electronic schematic knowledge is somehow necessary for our work field, thus a major plus if you have experience in DSP
  • S1 Fresh graduates are welcomed while experience in music and digital music production environment is a plus
  • SMK-IT and D3 degree are welcomed if you have sufficient experience in programming
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