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To kick-off the first series of the first season of Kuassa “Chatterbox” music production workshop, we will present you a broad topic of electronic music, the scene and how these actors ride the wave started out with how they first discover Electronic Music, attend their first gig, how they started out their career as a producer and how the finally find their own niche.

Bagvs will share his views as a younger generation of electronic music ecosystem player, Satria will show his approach in the production side with two monikers covering two different genres in two different kinds of crowds and Nobie will share his extensive experience playing live in different Internal venues from Australian high art crowd to a Mongolian festival crowd using his unusual approach in exploring soundscapes.

Serie #1: Music Production and Technology >> Genres & Instruments
Thursday, July 4th 2019 6.p.m – 9.p.m
Speakers : Bagvs (Divisi 62, Frekuensi Antara) & Satria Anggapradja a.k.a. Sattle (Push/Pull) a.k.a. Adder (Javabass), Nobie (Bottlesmoker). Register yourself: http://bit.ly/kuassaworkshop1 or simply click a link on @kuassa‘s bio.

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