Ready, Shift, Go!
Will reveal on Black Friday: 18-11-2022.
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Kuassa has released a video teaser for a new Efektor from their range of guitar effect pedal emulations, scheduled to be released in November, 2022.

Here’s what they say:

As a result of years of development, we tried to develop an effect algorithm that is fast and silky-smooth, while also preserving tone and crisp attacks from every string picking. This effect unit can also be controlled via MIDI. When paired, this effect is a must have for any guitarist who needs a simple, convenient way to manipulate guitar sound using software plug-in.

Nevertheless, it finished faster than we expected, so we think it’s best to release it during Black Friday on November 18, 2022 where it will be available as VST, AU, AAX plugin and as A360 modules.