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Bought Kuassa Plug-in(s) from our resellers? here’s the step-by-step guide to redeeming your personal license.


Download the Installers

Download the correct installer for your DAW here: http://kuassa.com/downloads . We supports VST, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX (and Standalone for the Amp Sims), then make sure it runs inside your DAW.

Our Plugins are works ok when it haven’t registered yet, but it will emit a small noise/silence every 40 seconds until you register it.


Save your [Order ID]

After completing a purchase, the reseller’s system will automatically send you a purchase receipt along with a unique 18-digit [Order ID] with format like this: ABC0000ABC-XXXX-XXXXX


Create new account at the Member Area

Visit the Member Area here: https://member.kuassa.com. Then click [register] and fill all the required fields to create new account. You don’t need to provide the same credentials as the ones you entered when you do a purchase.

After registering, our system will automatically send a confirmation email to your inbox containing an [Activation Code]. Simply click the confirmation link provided, or copy the [Activation Code] and paste to the Member Area form. You can sign in with the email address and password right after the [Activation Code] is successfully entered.


Add the products into your Member Area account

Once inside the Member Area, to add your purchased plugins, click on [Register New Product] and enter your [Order ID]. Then download the [License File] which looks like this: ProductName.kuassa


Authorize your product (s)

Use the [License File] to authorize your Kuassa plug-in using the [File] button on the top left of the plug-in’s interface, then point it to the [License File]. Done!

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