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Bought Kuassa Plug-in(s) from our resellers? here’s the step-by-step guide to redeeming your personal license.


Have You Installed the Plug-in(s) ?

Download the correct installer for your DAW here: https://kuassa.com/downloads . We supports VST, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX (and Standalone for the Amp Sims), then make sure it runs inside your DAW.


Save your [Order ID]

Check your e-mail inbox. 

After completing a purchase, the reseller’s system will automatically send you a purchase receipt along with a unique 18-digit [Order ID] to your e-mail address with format like this: ABC0000ABC-XXXX-XXXXX


Create new account at the Member Area

Visit the Member Area here: https://member.kuassa.com. Then click [register] and fill all the required fields to create new account. You don’t need to provide the same credentials as the ones you entered when you do a purchase.

After registering, our system will automatically send a confirmation email to your inbox containing an [Activation Code]. Simply click the confirmation link provided, or copy the [Activation Code] and paste to the Member Area form. You can sign in with the email address and password right after the [Activation Code] is successfully entered.


Add the products into your Member Area account

Once inside the Member Area, to add your purchased plugins, click on [Register New Product] and enter your [Order ID]. Then download the [License File] which looks like this: ProductName.kuassa


Download Your License Key (s)

After successfully adding the products, it will be safely stored for easy retrieval anytime.

Click the blue [Download] button to save your License Key file(s) and use it to authorize your plugins.

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Authorize your product (s)

Use the [License File] to authorize your Kuassa plug-in using the [File] button on the top left of the plug-in’s interface, then point it to the License Key file(s) you saved from the previous step. Done!

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