A company, our office, our second home, a shelter, a  place where we work, and having fun is celebrating its birthday. It feels very touching, especially at the beginning of 2020 when we moved to a new place, leaving our old place where we started it all.

We left good memories, friends, and neighbors at the old building for new hope in a new place. 

For about 2 months we have a euphoria for the new mood and atmosphere in the new place. It felt very comfortable and quiet.  We feel the bond between colleagues is getting warmer and closer here. Unfortunately, just like the rest of the world, we took preventive action because of the global pandemic of Covid-19. We closed the office to start working from home in March of 2020 and celebrated our 10th anniversary in April of 2020 from home.

10 years is not a short time.

These personal notes are our small celebration for our lovely workplace, Kuassa.  Each of us is very grateful because we progress and learn so much together..


  • I can’t believe it’s been two years since I joined Kuassa. At the first time, it feels quite odd to feel so comfortable working in this city.  I had so many things in my mind to be the only female personnel here, surrounded by wicked workmates.
  • Because of this WFH program, I missed the chill air of the new office and the adrenaline rush when running the Chatterbox event. 
  • Wish to Kuassa: “I wish Kuassa to become a bigger global company ( it is already global, but I want more) and have more impact in our own country. 


  • It’s been five years in Kuassa. So much fun.
  • When we were moving to the new office, I was also moving to a new house. It felt amusing because my old house was only about 50 meters to the new office and my new house is not more than 1 km from the old office building.
  • WFH extremely changed my working behavior. It’s possible for me to instantly go into ‘work mode’ right after I wake up in the morning since my PC and other working equipment is right beside my bed. 
  • Wish to Kuassa: “Hopefully sold out! LOL”


  • It’s been five years strong.  This is the fifth year for me, and so far this is the first time I stay for so long in a company. Four years in the college felt too long, but here in Kuassa, everything feels flowing so fast. I can’t say if this is my personal comfort zone or whether everything in this office is really comfortable. This office gives a vibe of an exciting but responsible playground. All tasks can be finished in a pleasing way. Even when there’s a critical deadline, we can always find crazy fun ways to make it delightful.
  • 2020  gives too much burden to everyone in the world. This Covid-19 pandemic forces everyone to work from home, doing social and physical distancing, and whatever you name it. This year should have been a glorious year for us, especially considering that we have just released our biggest product on this tenth anniversary, but a lot of factors complicate things. I really hope these complications do not discourage us to stay productive and keep on making great products. Coz we’re bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away~ 
  • Wish to Kuassa: “Stand tall like a tree, as we get bigger, the roots will also get stronger.”


  • Already worked for Kuassa even before the birth of Kuassa. 
  • Every day, night and day, always thinking about Kuassa. Even when I was sleeping, I dreamt of programming codes.
  • Abduh, Adhit, Bez, Bram, Cil, Daniya, Deyyon, Dimi, Edwin, Grahadea, Iman, Iqbal, Juan, Rizky, Sundawan, Tama, Thomi thank you very much!
  • Wish to Kuassa:  “Congrats for the first decade, Bro! I look forward to writing another note like this on the 2nd decade anniversary.”


  • I never thought that working with Kuassa would bring me to new places, meet new interesting people, and gather a lot of knowledge.
  • This year, Kuassa office moved to a new place. It feels kinda strange to have the office and my personal studio get separated.
  • Working in the field of sound engineering and music is amazing. But working to develop tools for sound design and music is an entirely different adventure.
  • Wish to Kuassa:  “After ten years, is it time to build something other than software? ”


  • One thing that I am really grateful for being a Kuassa member is its people. I’ve got to know some of the most amazing people ranging from hardcore otakus who keep asking me to translate meaningless Japanese words to top-notch hipsters who talk sneakers and spell comme des garcons like a french. But the bottom line is they are all good people and it has been a wonderful 6 years working along with those people.
  • Wish to Kuassa: I am wishing for more lucrative years ahead because in the end ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Get The Money, Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all’.


  • Everything started when Adhit and I were working on a project together, he asked me to meet at his office.  Little did I know, they were looking for a 3D artist and offered me to be a part of their empire.
  • Therefore 2440++ days ago (approx. 6-7 years ago), I got my first dream job ever in the company that supports my musical passion. we went through many ups and downs, from thousands of mundane tasks to the super exciting experiments that we’ve never done before.
  • Above all, I’m constantly surrounded by awe-inspiring people, and for that, I’m filled with gratitude.
  • Wish to Kuassa: I wish kuassa to keep growing, vast, strong, and solid with more innovations, more creative breakthroughs,  to keep inspiring every musician in the world to overcome their creative blocks, and continue to create their work of art, as they have done so to me.  Beyond everything, I’m looking forward to more powerful years of impacting music industries alongside this solid fambam’


  • New guy here, less than a year.
  • I knew Kuassa because I joined Adhit’s band in 2012.
  • The first time I heard Amplifikation Vermilion, I’m screaming ”oh my God, is this the sound in my head!!?”
  • Even before I officially worked at Kuassa, I had their permission to put all of my gears and production PC at their office. 
  • Holding a new division that is different from Kuassa’s core product feels like a massive challenge. For the most part, I feel that my skill and knowledge in music and sound engineering is not as good as the other guys here. But I’m extremely interested to know more.
  • Wish; “I wish to release this new product as soon as possible, and for Kuassa to become a blessing for the entire universe!” 


  • I know Arie from the first day when Aradaz Crunch Amp simulator was born and when someone loves what he is doing, his creations are pure ART,  not just ordinary things.
  • Playing guitar is a joy, creating music is a passion.
  • To be part of Kuassa’s team is not a job, it’s a mission.
  • Mission to spread the quality and help other musicians to get the best guitar tones using our plugins.
  • Amplifikation 360 is a suite for musicians that I’m proud of!
  • Wish to Kuassa:  I wish everyone only the best – health, determination, and belief in success. Happy 10 years of Kuassa guys!!!


  • Too much to say, so little space to tell. But Kuassa is everything to me to grow and shape myself both as an entrepreneur and a musician.
  • Many of our team are growing with us even from their first day as a student intern in our office, then grow themselves with two-way lessons between us as novice leaders..
  • Too many familiar and sentimental things around me in Kuassa. Starting it with Arie, my ex-bandmate for years, and close friends for 20+ years. Also, Adhit who is my past technical producer/audio engineer with my current band for years.
  • Kuassa is like a dream come true for me. I found people who have the same passion, the same interests who enrich myself as a person. I can’t say how much I’m grateful for having all of these. 
  • Wish: I hope everyone inside Kuassa can grow themselves every day to become a person they aspire to be and become a light in every place they are, a person who gives meaning to every work they made.


  • It’s an honor to be a part of their history,  still love to hang around in their office to meet old friends, new people and share some thoughts and ideas.
  • Wish to Kuassa: All the joy in the world! Happy 10th-anniversary bois!


  • Kuassa is like my baby growing up entering the teenage years, although I spent most of my Kuassa time as a passive member. But still, it feels like fulfilling my dream when I was first built a computer-based guitar effect back in 2002 for my thesis. No VST back then, LOL.
  • Kudos to the founders of Kuassa! My bro Arie, Grahadea, Adhit, and all the amazing team who have contributed with heart, passion and nerdy touch for the excellency of Kuassa products.
  • Still hoping that I could be more involved in Kuassa’s life. Hopefully someday!
  • Wish for Kuassa:
  • Indonesia market leader, checked.
  • Southeast Asia market leader, checked.
  • Next, Asia – Pacific, Europe, and Worldwide, eh?


  • I joined Kuassa 7 years ago as a part-time employee without having a thought that I would go back again after several years. 
  • It is the only place that I could do anything and talk about anything. 
  • When I was working at Kuassa, I never thought that I was working, instead, I always think that I am building something and that feeling stays the same regardless of the condition. 
  • Wish to Kuassa: I believe there are more opportunities in the next decade and hopefully, Kuassa can gain fruitful results from them.