In the search for that massive, heavy, and appealing guitar sound, we should go back in time around 53 years ago. Yeah, that long! 


The story began with a guy named Randall Smith, who modified already existing amplifiers and gave them more input stages. The alteration of the schematic topology made them louder, achieving more saturation, sustain and distortion. Then, somewhere between his genius engineering thoughts and the human desire to improve and reach new heights – as a result of a lot of work – he has begun producing his own amplifiers. From a small backyard shed to a large factory called Mesa/Boogie.


“That little thing really boogies!” – Carlos Santana

1990’s Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Rev F


It’s not exaggerating to say that he established himself on the market as the first boutique manufacturer of amplifiers. The most praised thing in his story  is that during all those years, he has not given up, but continued to develop and thus later, the Dual Rectifier was born. 


A guitar amplifier with 3 channels, combined with 100 watts of power, that could satisfy even the most demanding taste of any musician. This is proven by artists such as Dream Theater, Metallica, System of a Down, Devin Townsend, and so on. This list is endless.


The bright cleans contrast those crunchy, vintage and modern tight heavy sounding tones. The abundance of sounds, the ability to create your own tone, the endless combinations of controls will make every guitarist go through vintage styles to the most modern ones.

Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier


We at Kuassa were inspired by this diverse possibilities of creating different sounds and after thorough research, investigation, and discussions; we developed and finally released Amplifikation Rectifor, our version of the rectifier amp simulator. The ability to create your own tone and getting the sound of your favorite bands, Rectifor will meet the most pretentious taste of any guitarist. Choosing between three channels, the tight sound is the first, that you notice amongst other qualities that are easy to dial up. Playing with the low, the mids and the highs and fine tuning them will lead you through a palette of tones that are raw and pure rock and roll. The versatility of the tone stack is an instant gateway to a territory of sounds that are used by pioneers in the modern metal scene.

Kuassa Amplifikation Rectifor


For further tone shaping, a carefully selected collection of famous brands’ microphones is included as well.


To be more precise to the real tube amps design and behavior, we have added a “Sag” control. Therefore you will have the chance directly to interfere with the power supply voltage. The internal resistance and depending on the incoming peak voltage variations from your guitar pickups with the dynamics of playing,  will create the “Sag”. This will give you a more compressed feeling.  The palm mutes will jump right away.

To improve the expressiveness of your sound we have taken care further and added  five of the best-fitting speakers to this monstrous amplifier. 


  1. With Hybrid 2×12 speakers you definitely will hear those sparkling cleans that you’ve wanted to. 
  2. On the other hand, the Roadster 2×12 cabinet will give you a more traditional tone and unbelievably thick sound. 
  3. For the guitar players who crave for the ultimate low end we blow your ears away with Lone King 4×10. 
  4. When it comes to distinct sound just choose Closed Back 4×12. It is awesome. 


  1. Without exceptions in low ends plus strong midrange, perfectly suitable for bass guitar, with Half back 4×12 speakers, classic earth shaking vibe is guaranteed. 



Digging deeper in that matter and to understand how to improve the tone with the amp and make it more “metal”, we should certainly say that the magic is happening  with the combination of the amp and an overdrive pedal in front.


The most used pedal through the years is the Tube Screamer. Its mid boosted tone, the crunchiness and the gritty sound will be added right away to your signal, tightening up the low end and cutting through specific frequencies in the mix, while helping to define the whole picture!
Use our Efektor OD3603 Overdrive in front of the amp, especially the modern or the pro type.


Whether you like blues, classic rock  or especially the metal genre and your passion is into the  more contemporary styles, the Rectifor will meet all your demands!


Keep rocking and enjoy our new Amplifikation Rectifor.


/Kuassa Team