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Top 3 Best Selling Kuassa Product

At the time of posting this article, Kuassa is turning 8 years old. From our catalog, here are the top three best selling product in all plugin formats (including Rack Extension). There are three categories: Best Selling of All Time, The Sleeper Hit, and Rising/Trending. Each of them has their own story and uniqueness in terms of why they rise up in popularity among users. Here they are:

Best Selling Off All Time

The one which the most popular among our paying users since it’s release until now.

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion

Released on September 11th, 2011, Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion (or just ‘Vermilion) is a guitar amp plugin inspired by classic combo amps. It offers gorgeous looks and lots of tonality for guitarists who demand a guitar sim with versatility. The engine of Vermilion is carefully tuned to match the tone of authentic classic amps which truly sing to your playing style.

Amplifikation Vermilion packs everything that every guitarist finds difficult not to love: jangling cleans, raw tube saturation, springy reverb and that trippy tremolo circuit. The chimney and warm character with a bit of grit from the Clean Channel are great for country, soul, funk, blues, or most older “roots” music style, it even pulls some weight for your indie-pop tracks. The Lead Channel is able to deliver rich and fluid-overdrive leads for the more modern style of rock, even heavier stuff to some degrees. Moreover, let’s add intensity to your playing by using the built-in tremolo unit which gives you pulsating sound that ranges from subtle & slow to head-spinning fast and adds dimension to the whole sound with rich & lush analog-modeled spring reverb.

We also released a simplified version of Vermilion especially for Computer Music Magazine as Kuassa Amplifikation CM.

Here are a number of top reviews of Vermilion, taken from some media:

“The design and layout couldn’t be more intuitive – what you’d do to a real amp is more or less exactly what you do to this virtual one” – Computer Music Magazine

“What really makes Vermilion stand out is the breadth of subtle tones you can coax out of it” – Music Radar

“Kuassa has priced Vermilion very sensibly, price-wise it edges most of the competition by a substantial margin and outside of the “a-la-carte” solutions (such as Peavey Revalver and IK’s Custom Shop), there aren’t many others options that can deliver this amount bang for those bucks. Tone-wise the closest competitor would be some amps on Scuffham’s S-Gear, which costs more than twice as much as Vermilion although it brings more amp models, speakers and other features, but if we’re strictly considering the vintage combo sound they’re very close and both equally capable, so the choice comes to personal preferences. Regardless of any comparisons, Vermillion is totally worth the money.” – Gear Slutz

Trending / Hot in Communities & Forums

The latest, fresh one which quickly gathers attention among the community.

Kuassa Efektor Wah Filter WF 3607

On February ‘23 2018, Kuassa releases Efektor WF3607 Wah Filter, a genuine wah-wah effect plugin featuring 6 faithful recreations of popular wah-wah pedals and envelope filters with more parameters than the actual pedal.

Despite the late release of this Efektor device. We didn’t expect that this release will be getting so many praises, and becoming users favorite in such a short time (2 months!).  We also encourage users to build a DIY expression pedal using Arduino to get authentic ‘rocking wah pedal’ action.

You can read the tutorial here:

Here are a few reviews from our users :

“It has a nice classic wah sound without muddying the tone and adding hiss and noise. I have a real crybaby wah that picks up radio stations so yeah this is definitely an improvement over that too.” – Masters of Music

“I really liked it and one of the things I appreciated most was its versatility and the number of different tones it could produce. With 5 different modes, there are a lot of tones that you can coax out of it. It has a free trial so feel free to try it yourself.” – Buzz Enjoy

The Sleeper Hit

“In the entertainment industry, a sleeper hit is a title (such as a film, song or game) that becomes successful gradually, often with little promotion”. Kratos Maximizer is the very definition of that.
Kuassa Amplifikation Kratos Maximizer

Kratos is the highest priced product from Kuassa, but still very competitive compared to similar plugins from other developers. We have big faith and confidence in this product, which was released on September 12th, 2012. At the time, very few developers developing a ‘transparent’ limiter or maximizer. Users also preferred ‘colored’ limiters back then. Despite good reviews, it wasn’t widely popular for a long time. Evaluation and a lot of considerations pushed us to immediately develop the next version, Kratos 2 Maximizer. It has an updated GUI and engine, and also added with more features. It was the first product released simultaneously in native format and Reason Rack Extension. Somehow, Kratos’ popularity started to advance. In 2017, five years later, Kratos 2 occupied the top-selling plugin from our product list.   

Here is our user’s testimony on Kratos Maximizer :

“Throughout my demo, I was able to accomplish a pleasing amount of transparent punchiness without nasty volume spikes. This is what I was after, and Kratos Maximizer did not disappoint. If you want to add overdrive or analog simulated warmth to a track or mix, this would not be the best fit for you. However, if you want a good mastering brickwall limiter/maximize, this may be what you are looking for — especially for the price. I highly recommend Kratos Maximizer and give it two LOUD and clear thumbs up. Thank you, Kuassa, for creating a fantastic mastering plugin.” – Gear Slutz Forum

“I think it will be great. Kuassa Cream is really awesome and it is one of my favorites amp sims. Kratos Maximizer is a transparent, mastering grade look-ahead brick wall limiter and loudness maximizer. Put it on your master channel to give that loud, commercial quality release out of your mix without squashing effect and artifacts. Kratos Maximizer offers easy control over the loudness level via the main Maximize knob while can also go deeper for more demanding users, giving a control over Texture, Release, Knee, and Ceiling for greater loudness while retaining your mixes original color and dynamics.” – Ultimate Metal