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Introducing a number of musicians, engineers, and content creators who always have a Kuassa plugin on their setup.


Rayhan Sudrajat Favorite Product:

Kratos 2 Maximizer.

I really like this plugin because it’s really fast and easy to get the desired result. Very convenient for me who often need great results in no time. Kratos 2 Maximizer is a life saving plugin. Thanks, Kuassa!



Ryan Beard Favorite Product:

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion.

Vermilion is endlessly versatile. Between the two channels, 3 amp ‘flavors’, the onboard FX (spring reverb / tremolo), plus the wide variety of speaker & mic options, I can get everything from sparkly cleans to chug-worthy distortion. It also pairs nicely with just every guitar I throw at it. For added texture, I like to pair it with the FZ3603 Efektor Fuzz, which you can hear a lot on the song “Leave Them Fast” off my latest album VOIDS. That album features the Vermilion plugin on almost every guitar track…and Cerberus on all of my bass tracks. I’ve integrated Clarent, Matchlock, and Claiborne for the songs on my upcoming release, but Vermilion is still my goto.


Darren Hawe Favorite Product:

My go-to amp sims from Kuassa are Amplifikation Caliburn &Amplifikation Vermilion.

The amps I love the most are Caliburn and Vermilion. The sheer versatility of these amps to dial in the perfect tone for any situation makes them a staple in my recording set up. The presets on their own sound great and the interface makes it super easy to get everything just right. I’ve been using those amps for years and sing their praises to whoever will listen.






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