Live4Guitar is a community website dedicated for guitar players across the globe. And just early this month, they launched their 8th contest where contestants can upload their guitar-playing videos and get a chance to win some cool freebies, including our newest amp: Amplifikation Vermilion.

So, if you want Amplifikation Vermilion for free, just join Live4Guitar‘s contest and  head up to their website:

Here’s what they say about the contest:

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We’re kicking off 2013 with our 8th Live4guitar contest where you have a chance to win oursignature Live4guitar overdrive pedal hand manufactured by Skyvox, the exciting new amplification simulation from Kuassa, Amplifikation Vermilion, and one of the most impressive software guitar practice tools,Riffstation.

To become a contestant, please subscribe toour YouTube channel and download the free backing track below in this article. Record a video of yourself playing over the backing track and respond to our official contest video with your entry. Afterwards, visit our forum for updates and announcements. Our panel of judges and the winners will be announced in the forum.