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Discover a world of sonic mastery with Kuassa’s extraordinary collection of audio effect plugins. Elevate your guitar amp simulations, bass amp simulations, and virtual FX pedals to unprecedented heights with our award-winning, five-star rated tools. Unleash your creativity and join the ranks of the world’s top musicians, composers, and producers who trust Kuassa to shape their sound.

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Genuine plugin, made in Indonesia. Whenever I use it, there is a kind of proud feeling and a sense of pride. Hopefully, it can be such a trigger for others to make more cool and useful plugins. If (a piece of software/plugin) were not qualified enough by my standard, I wouldn't be using it at all. Kuassa makes great plugins; it offers tone variations when it comes to music production. That's pretty much from me, love you all. (kiss).
“The plugins from Kuassa obviously helped a lot, VERY VERY VERY MUCH. The EVE AT-1 made tone-shaping effortless, always works when anything needs to be EQ-ed. Other than that, the amp sims (Vermilion, Creme, and Cerberus) simplified the process of recording guitars and bass. Its user friendly interface gives me an easier space to explore sound, especially when looking for something meticulous. Yes, I’m also using Kratos Maximizer to master the album.”

Lafa Pratomo 

Lafa Pratomo from Danilla Musik using Kuassa

Photo by @anandasurio

I think the latest state of plugins sounds and feels really good, and Kuassa is one of them! Personally, those help a lot. I didn’t have to push my amps to get the sounds I wanted.
Absolutely blown away by these Neve inspired eq's! I can actually cut and boost frequencies like I would with the real thing! I've found the entire EVE series at home on female vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, or any source needing a bit of sparkle.

Nick Mack

Grammy Nominated, RIAA Certified Platinum Engineer for Post Malone and Macklemore.

I love the EVE-MP5 for adding warmth to my tracks! It's especially pleasant for adding a velvety texture and sheen to female vocals and acoustic guitars. Fantastic on drums, groups, or an entire mix! There are plenty of plugins that increase loudness but the Kratos is in a class of its own!

Nick Mack

Grammy Nominated, RIAA Certified Platinum Engineer for Post Malone and Macklemore.

Fantastic on drums, groups, or an entire mix! There are plenty of plugins that increase loudness but the Kratos is in a class of its own! Kratos helps me get things loud while retaining clarity, punch, and dynamics without the artifacts that come with most other limiting plugins.

Nick Mack

Grammy Nominated, RIAA Certified Platinum Engineer for Post Malone and Macklemore.

I use Vermillion Amplifier almost in every project. The emulation of the amp itself, the reverb and the tremolo gives that familiar tone reminiscent of a guitar amp I love. Not to mention the microphone emulation which has the off-axis and phase function, which makes tonal shaping easy. Warm, silky and full of character with an instant approach. Nothing can really beat that.
Up to this day, Amplifikation Series are still my first choice for recording needs (because) it's super easy to tweak. The mic choices and positions are on point. I think this is the best guitar amp software. It feels like that the amps really obey my hands and ears.

Avedis Mutter

Avedis Mutter. Producer Engineer using Kuassa

Kuassa is like a friend who (comes) when we are flat broke. He comes to help us in a practical, cost-saving way out. It has a lot of influence on realizing the sound that I want on the album:
I use Kratos maximizer and the AT series EQs on every mastering project. The EQs are sweet and musical. Its oversampling is so good, the result sounds pristine. Matchlock does the job perfectly, especially about its multi-mic blending on the cab sim.

Wisnu Ikhsantama

Tama. Producer, engineer of Hindia, Sun Eater.                    
Kuassa’s Vermillion Amplifier is my new go-to amp for recording. This amp alone helps me a lot in every project I’m working on, ranging from classic clean sounds to blazing cranked-amp stoner sound. The incredible cabs, mics, and mic-ing options also give me the freedom to shape the tone further. Safe to say this is one of the few best plugins I’ve played around with!
I am currently mixing my new CD Peach and am using some of your plugs on it. The bass tones are massive as I am using Cerberus Bass on the tracks. I can’t tell you how big it is making the whole mix. What an incredible plugin. Also, I know we are using some other ones that the studio has.
In this situation (Pandemic time), we can't go outside for studio recording, which has forced us to maximize our recording process at home. In this digital age, finding suitable guitar and bass sounds (in the box) is no longer as difficult as before. Kuassa Amp is our answer. The sound we want for our next album is available there.
Made easy. Undeniably proud as an Indonesian. (Kuassa plugins) accompany all the tracks on my soon to be released EP
On several projects that needed a unique distortion character such as in Fuzzy, I, and Polyester Embassy, I usually blend layers of the real amplifier and Kuassa amps. The result is unlimited tone possibilities. Even on pop music (projects) like Nadin Amizah and Munthe, where clarity and quality are needed more, Kuassa can provide that necessity. Especially for bass needs, Cerberus Bass Amp is my ultimate front end for any combinations. Fabulous!
I used Cerberus Bass Amp for every song on Satu per Empat’s latest album “Pasca Falasi”. It’s extremely useful when you don’t have access to real amps and I really love the result! I always use Kuassa’s amp sims when starting to produce a song. Other than that, I also use Kratos 2 Maximizer to master some videos for Sounds From The Corner.
Amplifikation Matchlock was my fastest decision ever to get the crystal clear sound a la Fender amps without the trouble to carry out heavy amps and put mics on it. Kuassa already did that when developing this amp sim. There are numerous creative decisions made with Kuassa’s amp sims when I’m working on my music. When they released Clarent, it became my best choice to crank for a gritty sound and high gain tone exactly as I needed, not only on guitars, I used it on synth and vocals as well.
Kuassa is such a 'gateway' to play around with guitar amplification plugins. Any general or specific sound you want for your music production is that easy to dial. Very convenient for bedroom musicians, that includes myself.
The presets on Amplifikation 360 are the most authentic sound I ever found on an amp sim. Just plug a guitar and you’re all set. You don’t even need to tweak anything!
The Harmonitron effector is an absolute game-changer! As a guitarist, I've stumbled upon a hidden gem that I now can't imagine my recording and live performances without. This harmonizer effect plugin is an absolute beast, meticulously crafted by the talented folks at Kuassa. And let me tell you, it's pure magic! With zero latency and flawless tracking, my guitar has never sounded more alive. Kuassa, you've truly outdone yourselves! Thank you for creating such a masterpiece that has me jumping with excitement every time I plug it in!
Kuassa Amplifikation has helped me find the guitar tone I want, and the VST provides all the answers for your guitar and bass tones! My favorite amps are the Creme Amp and Matchbox Amp.
When Vermillion & Creme were announced I was all over those, and now I tend to use them pretty much exclusively for my guitar amp sim needs. Vermillion just has this wonderful feel to it, particularly on clean guitars, that I’d been waiting for such a long time in Reason. Creme, on the other hand, was just what I needed for my heavier guitar parts, it’s just amazing at that. Between the two of them I’ve got most of my own personal amp sim needs covered, and after years of using default Line6 devices and bouncing audio out, they really came as a wonderful breath of fresh air. That said, I don’t limit my heavier stuff to Creme and vice versa – one of my favorite heavy guitar parts on Pieces (the end of the second track) was accomplished with Vermillion, so they’re both pretty versatile beasts. The ease of customization and tweak-ability, combined with a really satisfying sound is what’s made me stick with them.
Their amp simulators are solid, sonically beautiful and incredibly ergonomic (at an insanely low price point!)— your tracks really need to have these plugins at their access. Don’t sell yourself short if you haven’t heard about Kuassa before this post. If you are serious about tone and want to add some new colours to your music, hit up http://www.kuassa.com/ and be truly impressed with their sonics
My favorite is amplifikation creme as it tailors to my needs of versatility. It sounds close to amps and has that airy and roomy vibe compared to other virtual guitar amp which sounds digital to my ears.
For drums, the Low Frequency processing is spot on! The gain control is smooth, give the 110Hz a 3dB boost and it elevates the overall power of the drums, giving a pleasing saturation. The high frequency is a bit too sensitive for me, so I only adds 1.5dB for extra crispness, lift above that a bit if I wants more color. For bass processing, I really like how EVE-AT4 can emphasize bass stereo image, boost 10dB at 60Hz frequency, then it's final!
We love Kuassa plugins, especially the great Kratos Maximizer. it help us to polishing the sound more efficiently.
monkey melody logo
We find all the Kuassa plugins to be of the highest quality and with great usability. The Kratos Maximizer is now part of our mixing template as we really like the ooomph it gives to the mix as a whole. We're especially fond of the texture knob - not that we really know exactly what it does - which we feel adds a cool grittiness to the digital shine.
dropoutorchestra RA
Your plugins are great. I've been using them on a bunch of films already.


Dieter Hartmann

Composer for Motion Picture, TV and Video Games

Your EQs certainly helped me perfect my sound on this album: Are We There Yet 🙂 all the best
“The AT4 is the more characterful, its strengths being broad 'brushstroke' usage - adding sheen to acoustic guitars and vocals, for example - and general bass boosting.
I´m the producer (as well as playing most of the guitars) and your sim is much much better than I thought it would be!!!!! It sits well in the mix without any outboard EQ'ing added, and when I get time to really sculpt the tone, I know that it will sound very very good indeed!
Peter Berlind Carlson Professor of Guitar, Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Jörgen from Cloudberry Jam, Sweden

still very impressed by Vermilion!! It can do both clean tones (my preference mostly) but it also handles hi-gain guitars so well! i sold my AC50 last week as I don't need it anymore...hahaha...Vermilion is THAT good!

Musotalk (DE)

#1 at The 11 best VST guitar amp/effect modelling plug-ins in the world today


My favorite from Kuassa is probably the Kratos Maximizer. I love the character and color it gives to any of my sound. It's good to saturate and phatten up drums. It adds bites to my lead synth. And give that warm analog feel to my master bus. It's like the Swiss army knife of saturation. And it's a decent limiter too at the same time.

From freeware to commercial competitor, Kuassa gets off to a solid start with this custom amp sim. http://www.musicradar.com/gear/all/computers-software/plug-in-fx/amplifikation-one-370098/review

I always love how Kuassa plugins was always quick to use. It’s like guiding your cursor here and there, and it’s instantly sounds just right. I remember using EVE-AT in the synth lines and even I change the synth’s preset into another, reshaping it to sit right in the mix won’t make that track sound crappy like standard EQ does
Handy controls of Kratos Maximizer quickly become my choice when it comes to polishing a newly produced track.
Both Amplifikation One and Creme’s first presets/demos are made by Dimi
when you first plugging your jack into your audio interface, you will soon play with a great sound without further tweaks….

The Creator of the Best Sounding Guitar Amp VST, Mixing, and Mastering Plugin Effects Software.

Kuassa is a company specializing in developing great sounding audio plugins; VST – Audio Units – Rack Extension digital guitar amp and mixing – mastering effect plug-ins software. Established 2009 in Bandung by a collective of like-minded musicians who are passionate about music creative process. As musician ourselves, we believe that music tools should be as straightforward as possible, putting aside all obstruction that can slowing-down the inspiration will be an essential goal for any kind of musicians and engineers alike, from bedroom studios to major studios in Hollywood.