Born in Dili, November 2nd 1984. Dina Dellyana is one of the few female electronic music producer in Indonesia. In the midst of her daily activities as a lecturer at School of Business Administration, Bandung Institute of Technology, she’s still active doing live shows, writing songs, and occasional DJ-ing. Dina is more known as a one-half of producer duo in Bandung’s Electropop group, Homogenic where she wrotes most of their hit singles. She’s also active in numerous music projects among local indie scene such as Tranquility (drum n bass, with Lusimers of Kubik), Nightmare Eclectic (Disco pop, with Hendra from Rock ‘n Roll Mafia), and Alphawaves (dream-pop, with Elang from Polyester Embassy).

Her first try of Kuassa Plugins was with Kratos Maximizer, and now, basiQ and EVE-AT series was her bread and butter in every mixes, especially synth lines:

I always love how Kuassa plugins was always quick to use. It’s like guiding your cursor here and there, and it’s instantly sounds just right. I remember using EVE-AT in the synth lines and even I change the synth’s preset into another, reshaping it to sit right in the mix won’t make that track sound crappy like standard EQ does

Apart from her collection of vintage and virtual analog synths when performing live. She usually do everything first in software, started from sketching a composition draft within Reason, then put the tracks together in Cubase. She told us about how excited she is when she knows that we already ported some of of our plugins into Rack Extension format. “Of course you can always rewire, but I think it’s a blessing to do everything only in Reason, from sketch until final mix” she said.

Check her works with Homogenic here: