Kuassa announces the release of the second installment of their Efektor Modulation plugins, designed to offer musicians and producers an authentic modeling based on analog modulation effect pedals. Also available as bundle.

Pricing and Availability

The VST/VST3/AU/AAX/A360 versions of the Efektor Modulation Too Bundle and individual plugins are available for purchase directly from Kuassa’s official website or through selected resellers.

Individual Plugin Pricing: $19 MSRP, Intro Price $9.

Bundle Pricing: Efektor Modulation Too Bundle (Omnivibe + Ringmojo + Rotarion + Vibracula): $39 MSRP, Intro Price $25.

Intro price valid until December 31st, 2023. January 16th, 2024.






Special Offer for Amplifikation 360 Bundle owners

For those who own or purchase the Amplifikation 360 Bundle, these four new Efektors are automatically available for free during the Kuassa Holiday Sale.

For more details and to make a purchase, visit Kuassa’s Official Website.


Audio Demos:

Release Video:

1. Efektor Omnivibe Optical Vibe Machine– $9 (Intro Price).

Psychedelic Revival: Kuassa Efektor Omnivibe channels the iconic spirit of the classic Uni-vibe modulation, delivering swirling, pulsating, and phasey sounds that add a psychedelic character to your guitar tone. With intuitive controls for speed, intensity, and tone shaping, this plugin offers a versatile palette for both vintage swirls and modern vibes, transcending time in a sonic journey.


2. Efektor Ringmojo Ring Modulator – $9 (Intro Price).

Sonic Alchemy Unleashed: Dive into uncharted soundscapes with Kuassa Efektor Ringmojo, a revolutionary ring modulator that transforms your audio into a symphony of metallic resonance, ethereal chimes, and experimental frequencies. Crafted for sonic explorers and avant-garde creators, this plugin creates otherworldly robotic, chaotic, and metallic tones with harmonic complexity.


3. Efektor Rotarion Rotary Effect – $9 (Intro Price).

Vintage Swirl with Modern Precision: Kuassa Efektor Rotarion faithfully reproduces the warm, swirling, and immersive rotary modulation effect that defined classic recordings. Revive the iconic sound with modern convenience, adjusting rotation width, depth, speed, and intensity. Immerse your music in three-dimensional, swirling bliss, capturing the essence of legendary rotary speaker cabinets.


4. Efektor Vibracula Vibrato – $9 (Intro Price).

Reimagining Classic Vibrato: Explore the soulful undulations of vibrato with Kuassa Efektor Vibracula. Faithfully recreating the classic effect, this plugin adds a modern twist to infuse your rhythm and melodies with organic, wobbling character. Elevate your performance with precision and innovation, bringing timeless vibrato magic to your musical expressions.


5. Efektor Modulation Too Bundle – $25 (Intro Price).

Omnivibe + Ringmojo + Rotarion + Vibracula at a Reduced Price: The second wave of Efektor Modulation plugins, each designed to elevate your musical expression. From the soulful undulations of vibratoto the immersive rotary swirls, psychedelic vibes, and otherworldly tones of the ring modulator.